February 28, 2009

Peter Russell Bunn Seen on His Early Morn Hop About

The Rabbit Report

In the photograph above Peter Russell Bunn is underneath the bird feeder where he suddenly stands up and surveys the acreage.

In Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit", Peter Rabbit lost his jacket and hid in a water can as he was fleeing and hiding from Mr. McGregor. Right after Peter left the water can and took flight out of the tool-shed window knocking over some potted geraniums, Beatrix Potter illustrated the poor panicked Peter who was pondering which way to go, desperate to locate a way to escape out of the garden. The illustration of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit reminds The Corgyncombe Courant of Peter Russell Bunn seen standing alongside the smokehouse underneath the bird feeder.

Of course Corgyncombe is still snow covered and wintry, and lush greenery is but a memory and a dream to come true in a sunny, warmer time. Peter will have to be patient... however he will have to stay out of Mrs. Johnson's gardens come gardening season.

Upon hearing a noise Peter Russell Bunn hastily takes his leave through the little tunnel between the smokehouse and the cornstalks. All one can see is a retreating bunny tail and back feet...


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