October 21, 2009

Autumnal Splendor!

Charlotte and Sarah Delight in Autumnal Beauty
Charlotte dons her cape and bonnet and loves to go out and about in the beautiful Autumnal weather. Above, she is sitting on a moss covered log near Corgi Creek. Behind her, leaves can be seen falling from the trees. Charlotte was made by a very talented doll maker who also made the old fashioned clothing that Charlotte is wearing.

Lovely Autumnal leaves at water's edge on Corgi Creek. Green forget-me-not leaves can be seen under water.

Charlotte has found a purple aster and lavender in The Corgyncombe Garden of Herbs. Isn't the moss on the log lovely?

At the stone wall Charlotte stops to admire the Hen and chicks that has put forth most delightful and unusual pink flowers.

Sarah with her basket of apples, walking in the crunchy and fragrant Autumnal leaves. The leaves rustle about the skirt of Sarah's frock.

A collection of Autumnal loveliness next to Sarah's shawl.

Charlotte has wonderful shoes and stockings made by the talented lady who made her.

Above, a favorite Autumnal landscape.

Charlotte likes to observe the Autumnal apples and leaves. She is considering what she can make with the delicious apples she has picked.

How pretty Charlotte's bonnet is.

Tasha Tudor illustrated "A Brighter Garden" a collection of poetry by Emily Dickinson. We named our Corgi Emily after Diane's great great grandmother Emily Jane (Jones) Shepard and Emily (Jones) Shepard's cousin Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, as well as Emily Dickinson's mother Emily (Norcross) Dickinson. Tasha did such lovely illustrations in "A Brighter Garden". There is one illustration of a little country church with beautiful Autumnal landscapes round.

In the photograph above, Tasha Tudor's book "A Brighter Garden" is displayed in the Corgyncombe Library with Sarah's antique bonnet, antique shawl, and a basket of apples from the apple tree that the little wren calls home. The illustration in the book has a lady wearing a bonnet and shawl, holding a basket of apples with her faithful dog alongside, pausing to enjoy the Autumnal beauty.

Above, some of our favorite Autumnal landscapes.

Below, Sarah is picking some apples from the tree where the wren built a nest in the bird house this past summer. Sarah reminds us of Jo in Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women". Diane's 5th great grandfather was 1st cousin to Louisa May Alcott's great grandfather Samuel May. When told that Diane and Sarah were related to both Louisa May Alcott and Emily Dickinson Tasha Tudor said that it was to "no end impressive". Tasha also illustrated "Little Women" written by Louisa May Alcott.

Charlotte's stone wall and pumpkin.

The antique vest that Sarah wears reminds The Corgyncombe Courant of the old fashioned wool garments worn by the March girls in the 1994 movie version of "Little Women". Sarah's Mum handspun and knit Sarah's wool mittens. Sarah holds a turkey feather that she has collected for her Mum's straw hat. Turkey families can oft' times be seen whilst walking about the acreage.

Mellow Autumnal leaves make you wish Autumn could last forever!

Charlotte sitting on her stone wall holding her pumpkin.

Tasha Tudor called carved and lit pumpkins "pumpkin moonshines". Above is a sweet pumpkin moonshine that the Johnsons carved and photographed several years ago. He reminds the Johnsons of their boy Eliakim May Corgi when Diane was about to give him his tummy elixir and he decided not to take it! The pumpkin also reminds the Johnsons of the moon! The Johnsons prefer to carve sweet pumpkins.



Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Jane,

We are so glad that you enjoyed our Autumnal Splendor post. I had so much fun photographing it and Charlotte and Sarah enjoyed themselves so. We have been making pumpkin moonshines that look like this for years. Every year when we light our pumpkin moonshine we call it our Little Boo. We also call Eliakim our Boo, because that is the sound he makes when he gets really excited and Eliakim reminds us of our little carved pumpkin moonshine.

Hugs to you and Georgie.

Your kindred spirits,
Diane and Sarah

Anonymous said...

When told that Diane and Sarah were related to both Louisa May Alcott and Emily Dickinson Tasha Tudor said that it was to "no end impressive".

My,aren't we just full of ourselves:-) But I have enjoyed your dolls.

Anonymous said...

EXQUISITE!!!! What life is all about...The beauty and richness of Simplicity! The heartbeat of America's founding fathers! Never forget our rich Godly heritage and what made us a great nation! Barbie

Christine Crocker of Deerfield Farm said...

Good morning Dear Diane and Sarah,

I have been reading your Corgyncombe Courant for sometime and have loved every picture and every story.
Such beautiful countryside and your way of life...just lovely.

I'm very intrigued with little Charlotte. Her little red slippers and her bonnet, oh my!

Thank you for such a lovely place to come for a visit and such a lovely glimpse into your world.

yrs very kindly,

Paula said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,

I enjoyed the autumnal splendor you shared so very much! Your photos are gorgeous, and I enjoy reading all that you beautifully share! Charlotte and Sarah are both very beautiful! The lady that made Charlotte and her clothing and shoes is very talented, indeed! She looks so lovely sitting upon the moss-covered log. You live in such a beautiful place!!! What a joy it must be for you and Sarah to be surrounded with such beauty everyday. I am so thankful you share it with us! I love the hens and chicks and did not know they bloomed such pretty pink flowers. Sarah looks so fetching in her antique clothing with her basket of apples. I love the autumnal loveliness vignette and the landscape... everything is so beautiful and you attended to all the lovely details! The color of the leaves is simply amazing. We do not see that immense color change in Louisiana!

How wonderful that you and Sarah are related to Louisa May Alcott and Emily Dickinson. I agree with dear Tasha's sentiments!

The antique vest Sarah is wearing certainly does look like the one in Little Woman. That was my favorite movie adaption. You did a beautiful job spinning and knitting Sarah's wool gloves. The turkey feather will be lovely in your straw hat. Charlotte looks so charming with her little pumpkin and I love the cheerful face on the sweet pumpkin moonshine. It is always a delight to visit you and Sarah.

Much love from your kindred spirit,

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Greetings Anonymous Feathered Birdie,

The Corgyncombe Courant has received a comment to the editors from a Disgruntled Anonymous Feathered Birdie, who has her feathers in a ruffle!

'Twas Tasha herself who said it was impressive that we were related to Louisa May Alcott and Emily Dickinson as she was an admirer of Louisa and Emily and their work. We also feel a kinship with them as we do with Tasha.

When I told Tasha about a woman that was nasty to me, this is what Tasha had to say about her: "the foolish woman, she's merely jealous, silly thing."!!!

The Editresses of The Corgyncombe Courant,
Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Barbie,

Thank you for your kind words to The Corgyncombe Courant. We agree with you about our rich Godly heritage! We hope you come by The Corgyncombe Courant frequently.

Your kindred Americans,
Diane and Sarah

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Christine,

We are so glad that you found The Corgyncombe Courant enjoyable. We hope you come by The Corgyncombe Courant many more times.

Take care,
Diane and Sarah

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Sweet Paula and Pearl,

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. We so love to hear from you!

Your yogurt making post is fantastic! Here is the link so our readers can enjoy it too:


I have been thinking of getting a yogurt maker, now I know I'll have to.

Whilst at a friend's I showed her your blog and she loved it too!

Hugs and love to you and Pearl,
Your kindred spirits,
Diane and Sarah

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