September 8, 2011

Tasha Tudor Birthday Tea and Giveaway!!!

In From the Rain and Cozy at Tea Time!
Tea and cake at the Corgyncombe Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration.
The cake was made using "Becky's Birthday Cake" receipt from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".
August 28th, would have been Tasha Tudor's 96th birthday.

Melissa, with her basket, looks so fetching after her trip along Corgi Creek to gather flowers!

Corgyncombe's Trilly Tweet Sweet likes to gather flowers, too.
Here she has some lavender tucked under her wing!

Melissa has also made a cake to celebrate Tasha Tudor's Birthday with tea!

Debbie Dibble Dabble hops up on the chair to look at the tea party! Her hat was made by Corgyncombe's seamstress mouse Tillie Tinkham of Tillie Tinkham's Frocks and Fashions.

Melissa reminds us of Tasha Tudor's doll Melissa... very much so. Tasha Tudor's doll Melissa was her model for the illustrations in Tasha's book "A is for Annabelle". "A is for Annabelle", illustrated and written by Tasha Tudor, is about an old fashioned doll and some of her belongings from A to Z, such as her hat, earrings, hair ribbons, her heart shaped locket, and quilt. "A is for Annabelle" is one of Diane and her daughter Sarah's favorite Tasha Tudor books! Diane has placed real rose geraniums and forget-me-nots, some of the illustrated flowers in the border, on Tasha Tudor's illustration of Annabelle's skirt. If you love pretty things you will love this book as much as the Corgyncombe Courant does!

The inscription that Tasha wrote to Diane in the "A is for Annabelle" book: "To clever Diane, how I envy your spinning abilities! Tasha Tudor"

Melissa in the kitchen at Corgyncombe Cottage!
Seth Tudor made the chair, a miniature replica of one that Tasha Tudor sat in do her artwork.

Debbie Dibble Dabble the Duck
The Dibble Dabbles actually don't care if it rains, in fact they rather delight in it!

Wildflowers from along Corgi Creek.

Lily Dibble Dabble is excited to announce:
A Corgyncombe Tasha Tudor Birthday Giveaway!!!

In honor of Tasha Tudor's Birthday, the Corgyncombe Courant is having a Giveaway of the book

"Drawn From New England, Tasha Tudor; A Portrait in Words and Pictures by Bethany Tudor".
Bethany Tudor is Tasha's older daughter.
This is a beautiful copy of "Drawn From New England", the inside pages look like new!

Diane received a copy of "Drawn From New England" one memorable Christmas when the snow on the trees was Christmas card perfect and there was a light sparkly snow coming down.
"Drawn From New England" has photographs of Tasha as a child, her parents, her children, her dolls, some of Tasha's illustrations, and some photography by Nell Dorr. Bethany wrote about the family finding an old house in New Hampshire when she was a child and later Tasha's move to Vermont where her son Seth built her a wonderful old l
ooking house! In the book, Bethany speaks of "Pumpkin Moonshine" Tasha's first published book, Tasha acquiring her first Corgi, seasonal celebrations, and many more interesting things in Tasha's life. The cover has a delightful photograph of Tasha and her Corgi lovingly smiling at each other! It is surrounded by Tasha Tudor's illustration of lovely wildflowers.

If you enjoy hearing about Tasha Tudor and the old fashioned things she pursued, then you will love this
(Lily Dibble Dabble is not included in the giveaway.)

To Enter the Corgyncombe Courant Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration Giveaway of "Drawn From New England", leave a comment on this post "Tasha Tudor Birthday Tea and Giveaway!" or on the previous posts "Tasha Tudor Birthday 2011 Celebration and Giveaway!" or "A Corgyncombe Tasha Tudor Birthday Giveaway!".

This Giveaway is open to the Corgyncombe Courant's Dear Readers in the United States and Canada.

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