August 5, 2009

Reminiscent of a Tasha Tudor Illustration

Goats and Kiddles
The Corgyncombe Courant just loves the nubian goats and goat kids that Tasha Tudor has illustrated in her many books, prints, and cards. Looking at our goats in the barn and pasture feels like looking at a delightful Tasha Tudor illustration.

Carmella Lucille, Sweet Pea, and Daisy at pasture.

Sweet Pea

Daisy and Sweet Pea at the hay rack that Diane's husband made.



Paula said...

Dear Diane,

Thank you so very much for visiting me and taking time to leave such a kind and encouraging comment! Pearl thanks you, too! She is a very loving and sweet girl.

I am so glad you like old-fashioned things, flowers and butterflies, as I do. All of those photos were taken in my garden, my husband took the beautiful photo of the swallowtail.

Diane, your blog is so very beautiful and peaceful. I am so glad you left a comment for me so I could find you. I love Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter, too. We are kindred sprits. I look forward to visiting your archives and website. Your photos are beautiful and very inspiring.

The goats and kiddles are so adorable and sweet. They certainly do remind me of Tasha's beautiful drawings. You have captured their beauty and sweetness in your lovely photos. Your husband did a wonderful job with the hay rack.

Have a lovely evening!
Love, Paula

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Greetings Paula and Sweet Pearl,

We are so pleased that you visited The Corgyncombe Courant blog. Thank you for your kind words. How nice that you like Tasha Tudor and Beatrix Potter, also. There are so many kindred things about them to love that inspires and adds beauty to ones everyday life. You have such a nice husband, Paula, to give you that delightful little Singer.

It's always an enjoyable time with the goats in the evening as they have their supper and I do the milking.

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Paula said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Thank you for your kind reply! It was a joy for me to visit you. I agree, there are so many kindred things about Tasha Tudor and Beatix Potter. They certainly do inspire and add beauty to ones everyday life. That is just what you and your daughter are doing!

I am very blessed to have my sweet husband. Thank you for your kind words!

How wonderful you milk your goats. They are such beautiful and gentle creatures.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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