December 26, 2009

Delivery Men Bringing Tasha Tudor Delights!

Christmas Calendar Inspired by Tasha Tudor
Pressed sugar cookies. Making Christmas cookies whilst it is snowing and blowing up a storm outside is so cozy.

Diane made some sugar cookies and sprinkled them with sugar like those in the photograph above, for Tasha Tudor.

A Corgyncombe White Christmas.

Earlier this week, before Christmas, whilst I was making cookies, Corgyncombe Cottage had a huge package delivered. The delivery man commented on the poor driving conditions in the Corgyncombe hills and valleys and couldn't wait to get out of there and home where the weather was better. He said that Corgyncombe was notorious for treacherous weather. We brought the box into the house and we went outside again. We saw the delivery man driving past the house with somewhat of a panicked look, he couldn't get out of my icy driveway. I hollered to him that when it is icy or muddy we sometimes back up the barn ramp and get a running start and by all means don't stop once you get going. He didn't understand what I meant and he went clear down by the lower barn door and set there with his wheels spinning and spinning and spinning. I had visions of inviting the delivery man in for an afternoon of cookies and goat's milk. When I went around the corner of the house I was surprised to see two men in brown uniforms bearing many gifts. The delivery men in brown uniforms were wise men indeed, as they walked in on the snow, instead of coming down the icy driveway. They were watching the unfortunate first delivery man with interest as his wheels kept spinning and spinning. After they saw to it that I got all of my packages all over the fence and into the house, then somewhere out of nowhere, I'm not quite sure where, the delivery men in brown uniforms pulled out some interesting gizmos. The delivery men in the brown uniforms immediately went into synchronized action, as they knew just what they were doing, putting these gizmos, that had cleats on the bottom, under the tires. The two delivery men in brown worked well together. Inch by inch, by moving these gizmos up each time, the first delivery man was up the icy hill. I asked the angels in brown where do I get some of these gizmos as I have had my own troubles when the barn ramp is drifted in with snow, of getting up the hill. They just said it was something that brown uniform central control gives their drivers. I'm going to have to look into this one, as I want a pair of these miracle ice extractors!

Sarah whilst gathering greens found a bird's nest and showed it to Tasha Corgi.
 The Johnsons always cut their own Christmas tree and use a tarp and rope to haul it in.
 The Advent Calendar, "O Holy Night", illustrated by Tasha Tudor. On the 24th the stable doors open to reveal the Baby Jesus sleeping with mice and birds gathered round. We love the shadows and light and glow from the shining star and the colour in this Advent Calendar! It truly looks like "O Holy Night".

Shepard and Elizabeth caroling near the wassail kettle.
 Charlotte making Christmas cookies for the carolers.

Oh, and what was in that huge box? With the delivery men gone, and more cookies in the oven, we proceeded to open the big package, that was wonderfully packed to keep the contents safe. It took awhile but safe and sound my beautiful new Tasha Tudor reproduction tin kitchen was extracted from the huge box. A big part of my job where I used to work at a museum, was open hearth cooking. Oh, what a delight! I love it, love it, love it, and it is made extra special because it is just like the one Tasha Tudor used for years! Thanks to Natalie, Amy, and Tasha Tudor and Family for making sure it got here by Christmas!

I couldn't wait to use it...

One of Diane's favorite movies during the Christmas season is "White Christmas".

This movie makes Diane think of her father in the Battle of Bulge in December in World War II. When Bing Crosby sings White Christmas in front of a scene of a little town with a church (that looks like Vermont and reminds us of a Tasha Tudor illustration) it is very touching to see the soldiers thinking of home whilst the music box plays and Bing sings. Another favorite scene is towards the end of the movie when the long awaited snow has finally arrived and people waving with a horse and sleigh go by.

Tasha Tudor's Advent Calendars and delightful dolls inspired Diane and Sarah to create their own Christmas Calendar.
Diane and Sarah's 4th Annual Calendar to Count "The Days Until Christmas: Amelia's Favorite Things" can be found by clicking here:

The link takes you to our web site "Our Favorite Things" where there is a special page with our Calendar with 25 round red windows covered with holly until the appointed day. Sometime during each day the window will change to the photograph of the day. The windows of the day are done alphabetically, going from A to Z and feature the dolls and their animal friends at Corgyncombe as they celebrate Christmastide joy!


Marqueta said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Oh, my! What a beautiful tin kitchen! I'm sure that it will be used for many, many years.

All of your pictures are like precious postcards~Thank you for bringing so much cheer into our hearts!

We're glad that the delivery man made it out all right, and hope you can find that nifty traction device!

Blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful blog entry to read. I wish you luck with the new tin kitchen. I also am very fond of Tasha Tudor and her work.

May I ask where you found that wonderful cookie press?


Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Matty,

We have had big trucks get stuck at our place, and send bigger trucks and then bigger trucks to rescue them, too!

Your friends,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Marqueta,

We're so happy that you enjoyed our blog!

We really hope to find the "nifty traction device".

Greetings to all of your children!

Your friends,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Diane,

Unfortunately the talented man who made my cookie presses is no longer living.

Here is a link to another of my blog posts using more of the cookie presses:

We are glad you enjoyed our blog!

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Bernideen said...

Iso enjoyed my visit to your blog but have to get to work - will be back again as I am a lover of Tasha Tudor! Oh my...that tin "oven" - not sure the correct term but am anxious to see what you make in it!

Paula said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,

The cookies are so beautiful, and so is the mold! I can imagine how much Tasha enjoyed those homemade cookies! I enjoyed reading about the delivery men, and do hope you find find those things for your shoes! Sarah looks adorable with Tasha Corgi! I love that you use a tarp and rope to haul your tree the old-fashioned way! I agree, Tasha's illustration does look like an "O Holy Night!" It is beautiful! Shepard and Elizabeth look so sweet and cozy caroling beside the warm glow of the kettle, and Charlotte is charming as always! I am so happy your tin kitchen arrived safe and sound. I know you will have years of enjoyment from it!

White Christmas is one of my favorite movies, too. I think it is wonderful it reminds you of your dear, brave father fighting in the Battle of the Bulge.

I hope you are keeping warm at your Corgyncombe Cottage!

With love from you kindred spirit,

Teresa said...

A very pretty web site, and very enjoyable! :)
You have done a wonderful job putting together all the pleasant things of life. Tasha was quite an inpiration to us all. God Bless~

Cathy said...

Diane, I have Dutch ancestors: Roome from NY in the late 1600's and Gelder and Jans before that in the Netherlands. Might we share an ancestor?

Sharon said...

We toured Tasha's house and gardens last summer and met the family. It was a wonderful experience.

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