August 31, 2011

Tasha Tudor Birthday 2011 Celebration and Giveaway!

A Tasha Tudor Giveaway of "Drawn From New England"!
A lovely green gingham frock from Tasha Tudor's Clothing Collection. A daisy head wreath seems to be the perfect touch that looks so Tasha Tudor like with the frock. Diane made the wreath from flowers around and about the old barn at Corgyncombe. The frock and wreath of daisies look like they belong at a Birthday party! Tasha used her wonderful clothing collection to draw from.

The daisy head wreath on the art stand made by Seth Tudor, son of Tasha Tudor, encircles an illlustration from Tasha Tudor's book "1 is One" with a young girl wearing a green gingham frock.

Wild flowers were always a favorite for Tasha Tudor to draw in her famous borders around her illustrations. On a mossy log, collected in the antique vasculum are Daisies, Chicory, Clover, and Joe-Pye Weed. Diane lines the inside of the vasculum with moss and the plant specimens really do stay fresh for several days.

This past Sunday, August 28th, would have been Tasha Tudor's 96th birthday.
Diane and her daughter Sarah were so blessed to have Tasha for a friend.

Diane and Sarah had many kindred interests in common with Tasha such as spinning, weaving, knitting, natural dyeing, dolls, corgyn, goats, birds, gardening (flowers, herbs, and vegetables), old fashioned clothing and frocks, fireplace and woodstove cookery, canning, sewing, quilting, old books, and the old ways of living.

These daily things remind us of Tasha. We had so many things in common.

How grateful we are to have been her friend and kindred spirit!

Apples were another favorite subject for Tasha Tudor to illustrate.
Pictured in the above photograph is the Red Astrachan Apple from an old book of old fashioned apples in the Corgyncombe Library. There is a tree at the end of our woodshed that produces an enormous amount of Red Astrachan apples.

Diane's work table at tea time.

A basket of this year's Red Astrachan Apples. These apples were organically grown at Corgyncombe.

The goat kiddles also like the Red Astrachan Apple tree but not for its apples but for its tasty leaves! They stand on their back hooves stretching and reaching for the prize leaves. They look like little ballerinas as they hop, stretch, and dance about on two hooves!

A charming lady wearing a dirndl, fashioning a flower wreath. Around the photograph are daisies and pinks that grow wild on the lawns at Corgyncombe. You can find girls wearing dirndls in Tasha Tudor 's illustrations.

Corgyncombe's little darling Clementine!

Old fashioned flowers made into a bouquet, in the center Golden Glow, then Calendula, and on the outer edge Goldenrod. The leaves on the outside are Joy-Pye Weed.

The door of the antique vasculum shows ladies and a young girl doing the wash with goats nearby. This reminds us of the Shirley Temple movie "Heidi" when she arrives with her Aunt in the village where the women are washing their clothes and she meets Peter the goatherd and the goats.

In the old days children would go out and about in the woods, fields, hills, and dales and gather plant specimens for studying botany and pressing. A tin vessel with a tight fitting lid would keep the flower specimens fresh. This tin vessel is called a vasculum and ha
s a strap for carrying over your shoulder. When Emily Dickinson was a young lady she made an Herbarium with plant specimens. The specimens were pressed until dried, then put in a book and labeled.

Tasha Tudor illustrated "A Brighter Garden" a collection of po
etry by Emily Dickinson. We named our Corgi Emily after Diane's great great grandmother Emily Jane (Jones) Shepard and Emily (Jones) Shepard's cousin Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, as well as Emily Dickinson's mother Emily (Norcross) Dickinson. Tasha did such lovely illustrations in "A Brighter Garden".

Whilst Melissa was in Europe she visited many Art Museums.
Amongst the places she toured were Switzerland, Germany, Austria, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Netherlands, Scandinavia, and France.

Melissa is sister to Amelia, a doll who lives at Corgyncombe Cottage & Corg'ery.
Everyone at Corgyncombe Cottage was overjoyed that Melissa has ret
urned from her European tour to join Amelia and her family and all at Corgyncombe Cottage for the Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration!

A Morning Glory and Echinacea in the Corgyncombe Gardens.

The old photograph was taken in Chur, Switzerland, near where Johanna Spyri set her book "Heidi". The boy in the photograph has a vasculum with a strap over his shoulder and the girl has her vasculum beside her on the bench. We love their hats!

The boy's vasculum.

Here is Melissa with her hat, earrings, hair ribbon, and locket in the shape of a heart.
Melissa reminds us of Tasha Tudor's doll Melissa... very much so. Tasha Tudor's doll Melissa was her model for the illustrations in Tasha's book "A is for
"A is for Annabelle", illustrated and written by Tasha Tudor, is about an old fashioned doll and some of her belongings from A to Z, such as her hat, earrings, hair ribbons, and her heart shaped locket.

Diane's great great grandmum was also named Melissa. Melissa's grandparents lived at one time a few miles from where Tasha lived in Vermont.

The title page of Tasha Tudor's "1 is One" displayed with the daisy head wreath on the art stand that is a replica of the art stand that Tasha Tudor had.

A book about Tasha Tudor's life
"Drawn From New England, Tasha Tudor;
A Portrait in Words and Pictures by Bethany Tudor".
Details about the Giveaway at the end of this post.

Diane made the above photograph of Sarah and Tasha Corgi into a Valentine card that Tasha Tudor was delighted to receive. After Tasha received the card she illustrated the scene. The illustration appears in the book "The Art of Tasha Tudor". Tasha Corgi was named after Tasha Tudor, and Tasha Tudor was very honored and declared herself to be Tasha Corgi's Godmother. The Johnsons have had six corgyn: Tasha Corgi, Katrina Corgi, Ethlyn Maria Weaver Corgi, Emily Jane Jones Shepard Corgi, Eliakim May Corgi, and Lydia Rebecca Sly Corgi. The Johnsons are so grateful to Tasha for showing us through her illustrations how delightful corgyn can be!

Corgyncombe Cottage & Corg'ery is a little farm in the valley where the corgyn dwell. Corgyn is plural for corgi. A combe is a valley, dale, vale, or hollow. Diane and her daughter Sarah made up their own exclusive word: "Corg'ery" ....... a corg'ery being a farm where an abundance of delightful corgyn dwell. Some spelling variations of their own word Corg'ery include: Corgiery, Corgi'ery, Corgery, Corg'ry, Corgi'ry..

Herbs drying at the Corgyncombe Herbary.

Gathered Calendula.

Lily Dibble Dabble

Sarah thought Lucy would look lovely in a dirndl!

Tasha Tudor illustrated Sarah with the little tree in the snow with a moon overhead and Sarah feeding the goats in the barn. There is a sweet little corgi at Sarah's feet. The feeding the goats card is featured in the video "Take Peace, A Corgi Cottage Christmas with Tasha Tudor". The goat that Sarah is feeding reminds us of our Nubian goats Daisy and Clementine.

Christmastide feeding the animals, Corgyncombe Nubian Goat Kiddle Louisa May having Christmas dinner. Louisa May was named after Louisa May Alcott. Diane's 5th great grandfather was 1st cousin to Louisa May Alcott's great grandfather Samuel May. Tasha Tudor also illustrated "Little Women" written by Louisa May Alcott. Tasha Tudor frequently used her Nubian goats for models in her illustrations.

Hanging on the drying rack is Thyme, Parsley, Rosemary, and Sage from the Corgyncombe Garden of Herbs. Tasha Tudor illustrated a book called "A Basket of Herbs" written by Mary Mason Campbell.

On the table is a delightful find found right after Christmas, a wooden implement for crushing dried herbs. It was found at an estate sale near where my early New England ancestors lived. Maybe they used it! After herbs are crushed, they are put in glass jars or packaged and put in the herb and spice cupboard for storage.

Lavender, Dill, and Calendula are also hung to dry.

For years we have been inspired by our friend Tasha Tudor's doll families. Tasha Tudor made her dolls look so real and we know that they were real to her. Our dolls seem very real to us, too. Our doll families have many children, cousins, Mums, and Aunties who like to do all the favorite things that we like to do best!

Melissa gathered wild flowers from along Corgi Creek.
She is wearing an antique frock that we know Tasha would have loved!

The teapot reminds us of Tasha Tudor's flower and ribbon borders, especially those on the February Valentine's Day pages of "A Time to Keep".

Sarah in one of the Corgyncombe Cottage gardens in her frock from Tasha Tudor's antique frock collection.

Lily Dibble Dabble, on the floor, is hopping up and down asking Melissa if she has heard about the Corgyncombe Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration Giveaway! Lily Dibble Dabble's sister Debbie Dibble Dabble has hopped up on the chair that Seth Tudor made, a miniature replica of one that Tasha Tudor sat in do her artwork.

Diane's yellow cupboard filled with yellowware.
On the bottom left are yellowware milk pans.
Tasha Tudor loved yellowware and frequently illustrated pieces from her collection.

Morning Glory in the Corgyncombe Gardens
"Grandpa Ott" heirloom variety

Tasha Tudor in her Marionette Theatre at Corgi Cottage.
We just love the happy look on her face!

A member of the Corgi Orchestra and Mert Bogart, Tasha Tudor's Marionettes.
Mert is a character in Tasha Tudor's books "Corgiville Fair", "The Great Corgiville Kidnapping", and "Corgiville Christmas".

Sylvie Ann and Ethlyn Corgi from Corgyncombe celebrated the
70th anniversary of "Pumpkin Moonshine" in 2008.

Tasha Tudor's first published book was "Pumpkin Moonshine" in 1938. In Tasha's book, Sylvie Ann went out to the cornfield to find the largest, best pumpkin. In "Pumpkin Moonshine", Sylvie succeeds in getting her pumpkin out of the cornfield but the pumpkin has multiple mishaps as it rolls uncontrollably down the hill. Tasha's real niece, Sylvie Ann, was the model for the Sylvie Ann in the book.

Tasha Tudor's Birthday Celebration is more than just a one day celebration. It's the every day kindred old fashioned tasks and the seasonal celebrations all throughout the year that we have in common with her.

Lily Dibble Dabble is excited to announce:
A Corgyncombe Tasha Tudor Birthday Giveaway!!!

In honor of Tasha Tudor's Birthday, the Corgyncombe Courant is having a Giveaway of the book

"Drawn From New England, Tasha Tudor; A Portrait in Words and Pictures by Bethany Tudor".
Bethany Tudor is Tasha's older daughter.

Diane received a copy of "Drawn From New England" one memorable Christmas when the snow on the trees was Christmas card perfect and there was a light sparkly snow coming down.
"Drawn From New England" has photographs of Tasha as a child, her parents, her children, her dolls, some of Tasha's illustrations, and some photography by Nell Dorr. Bethany wrote about the family finding an old house in New Hampshire when she was a child and later Tasha's move to Vermont where her son Seth built her a wonderful old looking house! In the book, Bethany speaks of "Pumpkin Moonshine" Tasha's first published book, Tasha acquiring her first Corgi, seasonal celebrations, and many more interesting things in Tasha's life. The cover has a delightful photograph of Tasha and her Corgi lovingly smiling at each other! It is surrounded by Tasha Tudor's illustration of lovely wildflowers.

If you enjoy hearing about Tasha Tudor and the old fashioned things she pursued, then you will love this book!
(Lily Dibble Dabble is not included in the giveaway.)

To Enter the Corgyncombe Courant Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration Giveaway of "Drawn From New England", leave a comment on this post "Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration 2011" or on the previous post
"A Corgyncombe Tasha Tudor Birthday Giveaway!".

This Giveaway is open to the Corgyncombe Courant's Dear Readers in the United States and Canada.

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Kimberly said...

Lovely pictures! Thank you for sharing so many delightful images. I had to smile at one in particular as I have two Nubians. They are in love with the plum tree leaves by the barn and have devoured all the the leaves they can reach--and they can reach quite high!

We are enjoying so many things that Tasha enjoyed living on our new homestead. Her life was an inspiration to finally just leave our life in the city behind and life the life we imagined. It is a lot of work, of course, but we'll never go back!

Jorgelina said...

Happy Tasha Tudor day !!

Christie said...

Dear friends,
I was so anxious to let you know that your dear red winged blackbirds appeared today, enjoying afternoon tea at Peter's Back Porch! They said to send you a cheery hello and that their journey was fairly uneventful.
Our guest list at the tulip poplar inn grows daily and they are becoming quite spoiled with the fresh bathwater and seeds every day. I have begun a journal to document the arrivals and departures...oh, if we could only know for sure if these sweet birdies had resided there with you at corgyncombe...such a lovely thing to consider, don't you think. And Linnie's sweet family of wrens ...I have a pretty little Jenny Wren who has checked in and I photographed her earlier this evening. Maybe her kindreds are Linnie's wrens:)))
Your post today exceeded my expectations, dear Diane! How utterly delightful, and I was ecstatic to see your basket of I just last week acquired a smaller version...handmade in Sussex...I use it to distribute sunflower seeds and cracked corn to all the bird feeders. It is the handiest little thing! And it was the last one they had in my favored little gardening shop Yarrow Acres.
I had harvested some oak leaf hydrangeas for an early fall arrangement and pulled pumpkin moonshine from the cabinet to display alongside. I was so tickled to see your sylvie Anne very precious...and that green gingham dress just wins the prize!! Such a treasure! And, my dear, I had just seen the girl with harp in the art of Tasha Tudor book I found Friday evening, I had no idea it was our dear Sarah! I should have guessed!
Well, my goodness, I could go on and on, for I loved every little thing, but I must close with my gratitude to God for keeping all of you safe.
Our prayers continue for those who suffered much loss.
Your very dear friend and menagerie of precious little dolls and mice and ducklings and birds and squirrels and rabbits...

Jeri Landers said...

I have already entered the drawing, but just wanted to say what a lovely read that was! Melissa is as charming as she can be and little goat gals always look best when dressed in a dirndl. In all my years of collecting antiques, I have never seen a vasculum. Now that I know what it is, I will be on the lookout!
How wonderful that you counted Tasha Tudor as a dear friend.
Cousin Jeri

Sandra said...

What a delight to visit your blog! I always enjoy my visit here. I love seeing pictures of the clothing, dolls, goats, flowers, antiques....everything you post about is wonderul to read. :o)

I'd love to be entered into your draw. The book sounds lovely.

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane,

Oh my, that green gingham dress is the sweetest thing! Especially the puffed sleeves. :) Thank you for giving me a mini vacation today, as I dream of my farm in the future.



Anonymous said...

Your lovely blog always inspires me. I enjoy all things Tasha - especially her cookbook recipes! We have taken to making the cornucopias and filling them with candies made from her receipts. My youngest really enjoys your dolls and frequently asks me to 'go to that site with the dolls' so she can look and dream. Isn't that green gingham dress lovely? Simple things strike the deepest heart cords.

Di said...

What a rich treasury of images, thoughts and writing in your blog here :) It's been such a delight to discover others who appreciate Tasha Tudor's unique approach to her world and her interpretation of it in her illustrations. I'd love to have a copy of Drawn from New England to enrich my understanding of this remarkable woman. Dianne from Canada

Julie said...

Your photos are gorgeous as ever!
Julie in Skunk Hollow

wilhelmina said...

Lost but not forgotten....Happy Birthday Tasha!

Jeri Landers said...

Dear Cousins, Thank you for your concern about our weather. We were lucky just to have an all day rainstorm, much needed! However, I slipped on the grass while checking out my pond and took a Jack and Jill, right down the hill, spraining my ankle and knee along the way. Other than that, we are fine.
Quack! Quack! to the Dibble Dabbles!
Cousin Jeri

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane and Sarah, don't know just what I am doing wrong, but can't seem to get my comments thru to you, so will try once more. I would LOVE to have a chance at winning this special Tasha book. I truly enjoy all of your photos and stories and look each time I am on the computer to see if you have posted something new. You do a wonderful job!!!!! It makes my day to read about your life, etc. You do a wonderful job. Happy Fall!!!! JOyce

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