December 15, 2010

Waffles, Bread, and Soup from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook"

Cornmeal, Syrup, and A Rose!
This last summer whilst visiting a friend, with vasculum in hand Diane collected a red rose growing in lovely profusion on his garden lattice. He demonstrated grinding corn into cornmeal and gave Diane a jar of the cornmeal and a jar of his homemade maple syrup!

In the photograph above the cornmeal has been sifted. Also, take note (in the upper right of the photograph) of the yellowware bowl with green seaweed decoration much like the one that is currently in the Corgyncombe Courant Giveaway!

On a cool, crisp Autumnal Day, using the receipt for Waffles in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook" Diane made waffles over the open fire. How delicious they tasted in the fresh, outdoor air!!!
In the Tasha Tudor waffle receipt, Diane substituted cornmeal for flour.

Diane uses one of her yellowware bowls with green seaweed decoration, to mix the cornmeal waffle mixture. The Yellowware Bowl is similar to the one in the Corgyncombe Courant Giveaway! But as you can see, Dear Readers, they are all delightfully different, as the seaweed decoration gives each bowl it's own unique appearance! The yellowware with green seaweed gives such an old fashioned feel to all your old fashioned tasks!

The jar of delicious gifted maple syrup.

The red rose gathered from the lattice that has been pressed and dried.
Memories of sweet summer sunshine!

The receipt for the white bread is in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".

Waffles with homemade maple syrup!

Instead of the macaroni called for in the receipt "Corgi Cottage Soup" from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook", Diane made her own noodles for the soup. The receipt for the noodles was in an "Americana" magazine.

The noodles are allowed to dry for a couple of hours.

The noodles are boiled and then added to Corgi Cottage Soup.

Here is a link to another Corgyncombe Courant post from last year:
Making Tasha Tudor Corgi Cottage Soup



Katy~The Country Blossom said...

The noodles look does the soup! :)
I make my own noodles, as well! :)

I am quite a fan of Tasha Tudor, also! And I am definitely a lover of all things old-fashioned! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for letting me know about your lovely giveaway! :)
I hope you will visit again!
Katy :)

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

You know? can actually imagine the smells of the waffles with the maple syrup, the smoke in the air..and even the freshly rolled noodles and the yummy soup! Such DELECTABLE pictures!!

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