December 28, 2010

"Hopalong Jack" Written and Illustrated by Jeri Landers!

Spinning and Weaving Industrious Rabbits!
On such a cold, blustery, blizzardy day, 'tis such a treat to open up "Hopalong Jack and The Blue Bunnies", cleverly written and beautifully illustrated by Jeri Landers! These lovely lady rabbits having tea in the garden appear in the beginning of the book. The pink stripes on the tea cup remind us of the lady rabbit's pink striped frock.

Displayed on the Tasha Tudor reproduction art stand that Seth Tudor made for Diane, is the cover of "Hopalong Jack and The Blue Bunnies", written and illustrated by Jeri Landers. In the book, Hopalong Jack finally finds his talent and is so happy! The book is full of extraordinarily detailed illustrations that show a lot of imagination! There are little blue bunnies hidden amongst the pages to find. Like Tasha Tudor, every time you look at Jeri's illustrations there is always something new to find. There is a beautiful map of the Hopalong Hollow area and a fun "Bunny Facts" page showing the layout of the Rabbits cozy burrow. One of the facts is that Mrs. Whiskerkins owns twenty-five tea pots. Diane thinks that's more than she has, so far! The rabbits and other creatures that dwell in Jeri's story, wear charming, old fashioned clothing. The endpapers of the book show the silhouette of a detailed woodland scene that Jeri made in Scherenschnitte (paper cutting).

The Rabbits are so industrious, spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing, quilting, and even brushing another rabbit to collect fiber! A skein of Diane's handspun yarn is draped over the book.

Sarah, of Corgyncombe, spinning on a drop spindle was the inspiration for Jeri's illustration of the little Rabbit spinning on a drop spindle. We think she is so cute!

The scarf was a Christmas gift that Diane wove for her Mum one Christmas.

A handpun wool vest Diane knit using a classic design that she gave her Father one Christmas. The hat was a birthday gift for her Father that Diane spun using her little black sheep Maria's wool and her white handspun yarn dyed with goldenrod. (Maria is pronounced Mariah.)

Diane and Sarah have many things in common with Jeri Landers, such as gardening, animals, collecting delightful finds, old fashioned things, photography, and old houses. Jeri had a delightful potting shed built last spring! She has a real goose and hen that she dresses in fine bonnets! We even discovered that Jeri is our cousin through old New England family lines!

We hope you stop by our talented cousin Jeri's web site and blog at Hopalong Hollow!

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Jeri Landers said...

Diane and Sarah, How nice to see this first thing in the morning! In my big bucket of things to learn is spinning properly, weaving beautifully ( as you do), knitting all manner of woolies, and learning to use that little drop spindle... I will have to ask Sarah to teach me one day. Now, I am off to tea with Mrs. Whiskerkins, you must join us!

Anonymous said...

...and don't forget to say, "Rabbits!" on the first of the year for good luck!
All the best, Beth

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