October 20, 2010

Gathering Autumnal Loveliness!

As the Seasons Change...
Some lavender gathered and pressed in late summer is in the old Stockbridge, Massachusetts press.

This rose was gathered one lovely memorable day in summer when Diane, with vasculum in hand, visited a friend who had this lovely rose growing in profusion on a lattice. A demonstration of grinding corn in his mill was so enjoyed as well as his gift to us of ground corn and his handmade maple syrup! When Diane returned home she put the roses in the flower press.

The lovely rose of summer after being pressed for a few weeks, to be placed in the Corgyncombe Herbarium.

Autumnal asters and goldenrod are arranged and made ready for the flower press.

In "Linsey Woolsey", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Sylvie Ann gathered goldenrod to decorate her Birthday table.

A stunning view of rolling hills, meadows and cornfield bathed in cloud created shadows and light and edged by beautiful autumnal colours!

Pressed leaves to remember the loveliness of Autumn.


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