May 4, 2016

Forget-Me-Nots for May Day!

The Sweet, Unforgettable Forget-Me-Nots of May!
The Hittys have been out gathering forget-me-nots for their May Day Celebration.

The Hittys bring their forget-me-nots into the kitchen and bitty Hitty brings a stool over so she can reach the sink. Tasha Corgi quickly hops atop the stool. Bitty Hitty gives Tasha Corgi a loving pat and tells her she needs to use the stool right now.

Little Tasha Corgi was modeled after our real Tasha Corgi, who was our first corgi.

Tasha Corgi was named after Tasha Tudor, and Tasha Tudor was very honored and declared herself to be Tasha Corgi's Godmother. We have had six corgyn: Tasha Corgi, Katrina Corgi, Ethlyn Maria Weaver Corgi, Emily Jane Jones Shepard Corgi, Eliakim May Corgi, and Lydia Rebecca Sly Corgi. We are so grateful to Tasha for showing us through her illustrations how delightful corgyn can be!

Tasha Corgi as they were gathering forget-me-nots for last year's Annual Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Fair.

What a delight to see the sweet forget-me-nots again!

Little Bitty Hitty helps Hitty arrange the forget-me-nots.

The Hittys of Corgyncombe are busy planning a May Day surprise for Hitty Beth of Towpath Cottage! They can't wait to visit her again!

Sarah and her friends at a May Day party.

A joyous May Day Celebration was held when Sarah's friend's came over to dance round the Maypole. A tiny Maypole with bears, rabbits, and mouse can be seen in the corner of the stone and wattle fences.

I learned to make May baskets like the May basket above in kindergarten from my teacher. My dear kindergarten teacher Mrs. Platt had also been my Mum's grade school teacher. We make our May baskets out of wallpaper from wallpaper sample books, lined with stiffer paper, in the shape of a cone with a handle. The wallpaper for our baskets is so much fun to pick out from all the samples! Sometimes we also make paper flowers to add to the May baskets, too! Making May baskets is a May Day family tradition at Corgyncombe!

Our dolls and animal friends also make small May baskets of their own!

The May basket above is hung on "A Time to Keep" illustrated by Tasha Tudor! Tasha Tudor has done delightful illustrations of children leaving their May baskets at the door and children dancing around the Maypole with a joyful Corgi herding the children in a circle. In the borders round, there are beautiful spring flowers, robins, barns swallows, and a bluebird.

A basket full of my handmade May baskets and my handmade crepe paper flowers.

 The Herb and Flower Booth at last year's Annual Corgyncombe Forget-Me-Not Doll Fair.

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