February 18, 2011

Tasha Tudor Giveaway Cup Makes Debut at Valentine Tea!

Valentine Tea ~ Listening to the Kalliope!
Valentine Tea through the looking glass at the Corgyncombe Tea Room.

Diane was surprised and thrilled when she won this lovely pink lustre tea cup in the Tasha Tudor and Family Giveaway! 'Tis so dainty and lovely, 'twas the one that Diane liked the best!

Flowers for Valentine's Day!

Music for Valentine's Day!
Old music boxes were a cheerful old fashioned children's entertainment.

Viola came to tea in her best party frock. She brought Charlotte's goat kid Lucy.

The Christmas tree remains up in the parlour at Corgyncombe. Diane likes to keep it up at least until Valentine's Day as it is so lovely to have it lit at Valentine's Tea.

The music box in motion.

The music box has stopped and needs another crank up.

Gingerbread cookies with a pretty lacy edge were served for Valentine's Tea. The small heart cookie was made just for Viola. Some of Diane's favorite antique Valentines are on the table. The one with the kitten has written "To Mama" on the back. The smells in the parlour of the flowers, the gingerbread, and the Christmas tree are delightful!
The Tasha Tudor tea cup is exquisite!

Happy children dancing!

Winding up the old music box brings fond remembrances that we have of Tasha Tudor winding up her old music box after evening meals in her candle lit parlour. Very magical and delightful!

A Finch Post Box.
Finch Post serves the dolls at Corgyncombe with superb mail delivery service. Diane and Sarah were inspired by Tasha Tudor to have their own doll Post. Tasha Tudor's post was named Sparrow Post, where cards and goodies were delivered to her children.

The Kalliope music box has many discs with different tunes.
In the "The Golden Key", filmed by Nell Dorr, there are several music boxes featured playing. The film follows Tasha Tudor's dolls through different seasonal celebrations and the courtship and wedding of the lovely doll Melissa and Thaddeus Crane. Melissa was also the model for the doll Annabelle in "A is for Annabelle" written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor.

Sarah has loved the "pretty usic" of music boxes ever since she was a little girl and she would love to go the the shop that had music box music playing at Christmastide.

Postmistress Phidelia Finch's husband Bates Finch.
Diane made the rose wreath that encircles him.

An old glass slide from The Corgyncombe Magic Lantern Theatre.
The girls have gathered flowers, one lad is collecting butterflies, and if you look closely at the other lad you can see that he is collecting specimens in his vasculum.
Magic Lantern shows are presented at The Corgyncombe Theatre on Saturday night after baked beans and brown bread. Magic lantern shows are another old fashioned entertainment.

Purple violets, wild strawberries, pink violet, forget-met-nots, and sweet woodruff.
In the old days children would go out and about in the woods, fields, hills, and dales and gather plant specimens for studying botany. A tin vessel with a tight fitting lid would keep the flower specimens fresh. This tin vessel is called a vasculum and has a strap for carrying over your shoulder.
The pretty flowers in the parlour remind us that despite the huge snowbanks, spring might eventually come!

Corgyncombe Violas

A great big Thank you to Tasha Tudor and Family for such a delightful and generous giveaway!

Here is the link to: Tasha Tudor and Family
Here is the link to: Sweet Natalie at Rookery Ramblings



Jeri Landers said...

That is the cup I wanted, too. I am glad you won it. What a splendid music box! The photography is, as always, truly beautiful! You have a brilliant sense of design.

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Cousin Jeri,

Thank you for your kind words.

We just love the music box in the parlour for tea! The music box is such uplifting, cheerful entertainment, especially in the evening with candlelight!

Your cousins,
Diane and daughter Sarah at the Corgyncombe Courant

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