February 3, 2011

Staying Warm and Cozy on a Blustery Groundhog Day!

How Foolish to Pursue One's Own Shadow!
Corgyncombe Carrie was named after Diane's great grandmother who was born on Groundhog Day. Yesterday Groundhog Corgyncombe Carrie could not be coaxed out of the warm and cozy kitchen and apothecary at Corgyncombe Cottage. 'Twas so cold, snowy and blustery that Corgyncombe Carrie thought "How foolish to pursue one's own shadow!" She knew it really didn't matter anyway as at Corgyncombe spring is far away and the winters are long and hard and snowbanks have been known to linger until May. Shoveling has to be kept up at the Corg'ery to keep the corgyn from walking right over the fence. The shoveled paths look like bobsled runs and the corgyn totally disappear as they race round at top speed!

On top of the cupboard is handmade goat's milk soap and a jar of honey with a note attached to the back saying "Diane, May Your Marriage Be as Sweet as the Contents of this Jar" signed Paul Sutton at the old apothecary. Phidelia Finch's eggs are in a little bowl, there are test tubes and nutmeg in a jar, scented geranium leaves in another jar, and a Vapo-Cresolene Lamp. The cupboard, a recent delightful find and curiosity, has big wrought iron handles on the sides for carrying and vertical divisions, inside.

Heart shaped raspberry jam filled cookies are at the ready for enjoying at tea during the Corgyncombe "Days of Valentines". Diane made heart shaped thumb cookies filled with raspberry jam using the receipt "Linda de Christopher's Thumb Cookies" in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".

On the stove tonight is Pea Soup made from the receipt from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook"! Mmmm, smells so good!


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The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Oh how cute Corgyncombe Carrie is! And I love the old apothecary. We have a lot of snow here too, but I can just picture the cute short legged corgyn happily bounding and disappearing in the paths!
Warmest Blessings, Linnie

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