February 9, 2011

Finch Post ~ Corgyncombe Branch

Delivery on The Wing!
Due to the high volume of Valentine mail Finch Post found it necessary to hire extra help that unfortunately was delayed due to the winds, snow, and cold of the '07 Valentine Blizzard. Finch Post is in the process of building a carefully designed Post Office with a huge custom show window to display stamps, cards, and many other talents of the inhabitants of Corgyncombe. Phidelia Finch is the Postmistress, her husband helps out as Post Assistant when Phidelia is taking care of things at home. Mind you, even whilst at home, Phidelia is in charge! Above is their hired help Cock Robin.

Finch Post serves the dolls at Corgyncombe with superb mail delivery service. Diane and Sarah were inspired by Tasha Tudor to have their own doll Post. Tasha Tudor's post was named Sparrow Post, where cards and goodies were delivered to her children. Tasha Tudor featured Sparrow Post in her books "All for Love" and "A Time to Keep".

Diane has been making cards using her own photographs, watercolours, and calligraphy for years for family and friends. Her doll Amelia decided to do the same! The quill pen is one of Phidelia Finch's feathers.

Postmistress Phidelia Finch


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