February 11, 2011

Tasha Tudor "Dr. Cupid Corgi's Laboratory of Love"

Wings Are A Flapping at The Corgyncombe Corg'ery!

"Dr. Cupid Corgi's Laboratory of Love" Valentine calendar with 14 doors to open made by Tasha Tudor. There are many squirrels in the border and in the lower border it looks like a squirrel holding a heart and a blue jay are in a bit of a kerfuffle! What a wonderful apothecary Dr. Cupid Corgi has! The roses spilling out of the bag are so pretty!

Tasha Tudor's work is always so cheerful and lovely, especially in February near Valentine's Day when it's cold and snowy outside. The "Be Mine" Valentine Calendar and "Dr. Cupid Corgi's Laboratory of Love" Valentine Calendar are such fun to open as Valentine's Day approaches! Sarah was the model for the little girl in Tasha Tudor's "Be Mine" Valentine Calendar and Valentine card.

The corgyn's mum Diane collects old apothecary items. Eliakim and Lydia's older sisters Emily and Ethlyn manage a pretend apothecary out of Diane's old kitchen called Emily & Ethlyn's Potions and Perfumery. Eliakim and Lydia are the apprentices who gather the finest blossoms and corgi hugs. They bring their gatherings into the apothecary to extract into the sweetest of corgi remedies with instructions to ensure corgi hugs, which they administer freely. Above, inspired by Tasha Tudor, Sarah has drawn wings for Eliakim and Lydia Corgi. Oh, Corgi wings are just the softest ever!

According to the "American Dictionary of The English Language" by Noah Webster, 1828, a potion is: a draught; usually, a liquid medicine; a dose.

Inspired by Tasha Tudor's illustrations of Corgyn with wings, when Sarah was little she made paper wings that she would attach to Tasha Corgi and then at night she would take the wings and safely hang them on the ice box.

Diane's ancestors had an interest in herbal extractions! On the 1658 inventory of Diane's 10th great grandfather Ensign William Beamsley's estate was listed "one still for herbes in ye sellar". His home was in Boston on his land between Salutation Alley and Hanover Avenue, and "from Hanover Street thru to the bay". "Salutation Alley was originally only five and one half feet wide." Source for Beamsley information: "Fifty Great Migration Colonists to New England and Their Origins" by John Brooks Threlfall.

The Bleedings Hearts, Roses, and Forget-me-nots are all from the Corgyncombe Gardens.


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