December 7, 2010

St. Nicholas Tea Inspired by Tasha Tudor!

Little Red Hood Comes to St. Nicholas Tea!
Yesterday, December 6th, was St. Nicholas Day. St. Nicholas Day morn dawned snowy, sparkly white just as it did several years ago when Diane took the above photograph of the chickadee.

The Advent Wreath lit at tea time in Corgyncombe Cottage Kitchen.

Dundee cake is always served at St. Nicholas Tea at Corgyncombe.

Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea is served with Dundee cake.

Mixing the Dundee cake. Corgyncombe uses the receipt for Dundee Cake in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". Dundee cakes are made a month ahead of time and put in cold storage until time for St. Nicholas Tea.

Corgyncombe makes many Dundee cakes in all different shapes and sizes. Dundee cakes are enjoyed at tea throughout Decemeber.

Little Red Hood has her own little Dundee Cake and a cup of Corgyncombe Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille's fresh milk! The high chair was Diane's Grandfather's high chair and Diane used it for her dollies in her play house. As you can see, she still is!

The design on the cup has St. Nicholas pulling a gift laden sled, with a tree over his shoulder, and a doll in a sack at his waist, whilst adoring children look on.

Little Red Hood with her little red cape.

In "The Tasha Tudor Book of Fairy Tales", Tasha illustrated Little Red Riding Hood visiting her Grandmum, who was really the wolf. It is one the Corgyncombe Library's favorite Tasha Tudor illustrations.

Her little red hood has pretty scallops round and is lined with a checked material.
Little Red Hood needs a name. Do The Corgyncombe Courant's readers have any suggestions?

Little Red Hood is wearing a little antique pinafore apron with little pockets.

Little Red Hood wears striped socks and sweet little shoes.

Little Red Hood's gift on St. Nicholas Day is little antique pail with the words "Good Girl" stenciled on it.

The receipt for Dundee Cake is on the "Tasha Tudor and Family" web site.
Here is the link to:
Jennifer's Receipt Page

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Loretta said...

What a lovely post! We put out wooden shoes on St Nicholas Day. I've never tried the cake recipe looks delicious. I love the doll's name, just as it is! It sounds so cute and different. Or you could name her Patsy; that's what she looks like to me.

Anonymous said...

I always liked the name Adelia, the middle name of my GGgrandmother. Have fun! Beth

Anonymous said...

My first thought is to name your new doll, "JOY" that is if you don't already have a doll named that. It seems appropriate for this holiday season and also would remind you of how Tasha always said "TAKE JOY". I LOVE the way she is dressed:) Joyce

Lavender Cottage said...

What a facinating post, I'll be checking out the Dundee cake recipe too.

Anonymous said...

I hope it is Ok to make a second suggestion. I also think "Ginger" would be a nice name for the Red Riding Hood doll. She looks sweet--- like the gingerbread we love this time of the year!! Joyce P.S. I name my dolls also!!

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