December 9, 2009

Staying Warm on Cold Wintery Days

Christmas Calendar Inspired by Tasha Tudor
Darling & Domestic Daisy lifts the stove lid and puts another log in her Auntie Amelia's "Little Fanny" stove. The "Little Fanny" stove is just like the stove Tasha Tudor had in her doll house kitchen. Amelia is so pleased with her "Little Fanny" kitchen stove.

Atop the stove in the copper kettle, Red Pontiac potatoes are cooking. Amelia's kitchen is cozy and warm despite the winter chill outside. A wood cookstove heats up quickly and there is large amount of hot surface to a wood cookstove that throws out a lot of heat.

Snow drifting into the barn.

The weather at Corgyncombe this morning was sn
owy, blowy, and drifting, and it was very cold. The wind was blowing so hard it would have made it impossible to go into the barn door that the wind was blowing against. We went in another door and found the snow drifting in the wind locked door. There is something about drifted snow that is so pretty, like frosting. However dear readers, The Corgyncombe Courant warns you about these delightful pieces of art as they can cause difficulties.

Yes, whilst traversing the windy, lonely country byways, besides the treacherous icy roads, one must give careful attention to whether a snowdrift is too much for your vehicle to handle.

Today it seems that people travel in the wintertime without proper winter attire all the time. They just jump in their vehicle with no hats, mittens, or boots. They never give any thought to their vehicle breaking down, or running out of gas, or getting lost in the wind driven snow or stuck... in a snowdrift.

The editresses of The Corgyncombe Courant always take along sheepskin hats and mittens, warm boots, wool scarves, shawls, and blankets and basic survival things. Once, when Diane picked up a friend to go out on an antiquing adventure, the friend came out to the vehicle without a hat, boots, or mittens. Diane ordered her friend back to the house to get the proper equipment for the trip, or she wouldn't take her anywhere.

At Corgyncombe it gets blustery, cold, and drifts a lot. Once, when out, Diane got stuck in a snowdrift. Thud, she was going nowhere. Thankfully she didn't have to wait long because the kind snowplow men pulled her out and rescued her. It is a terrible feeling to be stuck in the cold. It was so bad she couldn't even get out of the vehicle, the wind took her breath away.

Now that wintertime is upon us The Corgyncombe Courant hopes that all their dear readers drive safely and watch out for those lovely snowdrifts.

Winter wear drying on a small rack that was a recent delightful find.

Tasha Tudor's Advent Calendars and delightful dolls inspired Diane and Sarah to create their own Christmas Calendar.

Diane and Sarah's 4th Annual Calendar to Count "The Days Until Christmas: Amelia's Favorite Things" can be found by clicking here:

"The Days Until Christmas: Amelia's Favorite Things"

The link takes you to our web site "Our Favorite Things" where there is a special page with our Calendar with 25 round red windows covered with holly until the appointed day. Sometime during each day the window will change to the photograph of the day. The windows of the day are done alphabetically, going from A to Z and feature the dolls and their animal friends at Corgyncombe as they celebrate Christmastide joy!



Tant Berg said...

What a beautiful blog du har! Og for en vakker livet du lever! Det er akkurat som Tasha:) Jeg vil følge bloggen din fra nå av.
Hilsener fra Norge.

Anonymous said...

How come mittens, scarves, hats and boots at my home don't look as lovely draped over the rack as they do at yours? I just finished up knitting a pair of mittens that look like your pink ones. I made them in gray. Now I see, I'll have to knit a pink pair. They are so pretty!

Marqueta said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Oh my, thank you for the reminder to keep warm things in the car for emergencies! Even though we live in the country, my husband is one of those who goes off to work each morning hatless, gloveless, and bootless! Even when his wife urges him to~men are funny creatures :) .

The stove looks like it is being put to good use, and the drying rack, what a blessing!

I shall be off now to peek at your Advent calendar. :)

Cheers and warmth to you,


Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Matty,

Oh yes, we were inspired by little Daisy and her stove in our cousin Louisa May Alcott's "Little Men"!

Glad you enjoyed the winter photographs in the sidebar.

Your kindred spirits,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Tant Berg,

Thank you for your kind words about our blog and our life. Tasha Tudor has been an inspiration and a kindred spirit in many ways. We are so happy that you will be stopping by our blog in the future.

Your red house is lovely!

Your friends,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hope you get your pink mittens knit!

Take care,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Marqueta,

We hope that you have convinced your husband to take along winter necessities to keep himself warm in the cold winter.

Hope you're enjoying our Advent calendar.

Your friends,
Diane and daughter Sarah

Paula said...

Dearest Diane, Sarah, and Corgyn

Another charming post! Lovely Amelia certainly looks happy with her beautiful "Little Fanny" stove! I love your photos and your writings, always, always such a blessing!

The snow drift is beautiful and does look like icing! I can only imagine how very cold it is up there! You are so wise to be prepared when you go on an outing. I know your friend is grateful for your kind consideration of her welfare. You are a very good friend!!! I am so very thankful the snowplow man was able to get you out of the snowdrift!!! Thank the Lord!

I love seeing all of your wintery things drying in front of your beautiful stove. The rack was a delightful find indeed!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful advent calendar.

Much love from your kindred spirits,
Paula, Pearl and Poppy

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