December 13, 2009

Amelia's Sisters, Elegant Ladies

Christmas Calendar Inspired by Tasha Tudor
Amelia's sister Emma Lydia in her lovely green velvet gown. Emma Lydia is Mummy to Rosalie, Elizabeth, Violet, and Cynthie. Mummy was thought lost at sea but spent several years on a remote island. Mummy was found this last February and joyously returned to Corgyncombe. You can read about it, here is the link: The Corgyncombe Courant.

Daisy's Mum in an ermine. Daisy's Mum is another of Amelia's sisters.

Emma Lydia wearing a comb in her hair, atop like a crown.


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Paula said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,

Emma Lydia and Daisy's mum are so gorgeous! I love their beautiful attire. The comb in Emma Lydia's hair is lovely, and does look like a crown indeed. I am so glad Mummy was found! Thank you for sharing the link.

Much love from your kindred spirits,
Paula, Pearl and Poppy

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