July 31, 2009

Loveliness Aflutter!

Garden Observations
Yesterday was a beautiful day for afternoon spinning in the garden at Corgyncombe Cottage. How peaceful it was with the birds singing, the butterflies flitting and fluttering about, and Corgi Creek babbling in the background.

A sea of Echinacea.

Spinning wheel in the garden at Corgyncombe.

A Question Mark Butterfly on Lady's Mantle.

Diane's Kromski Spinning Wheel.

Butterflies in the garden remind The Corgyncombe Courant of Beatrix Potter's "The Tale of Tom Kitten". As Mother Cat Tabitha was expecting company she had dressed her three kittens up in fine clothes. More preparations needed to be completed before her guests arrived so she let her kittens go out in the garden but warned them to be careful not to soil their clothing. There is an illustration of Tom Kitten dressed in a darling blue suit and straw hat amusing himself with a butterfly as it flits about the garden.

As eveningtide approached the moon was lovely in the sky o'er the Corgyncombe gardens. The butterflies of day were replaced by the fireflies of twilight. Delightful sparkles all about the garden!!!


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Paula said...

Dear Diane,

Your garden is beautiful! I love the sweet butterflies and sea of Echinacea. Your spinning wheel is beautiful, too. What an incredible photo of the moon. I enjoyed Beatrix Potter's birthday post as well. Such loveliness to be found here!

Love, Paula

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