August 20, 2009

Putting Up for Winter

Corgyncombe Cannery
Diane has been busy in the garden harvesting and in the kitchen canning. There are always more beans to pick and put up.

The fifteen pound pressure regulator weight has been set on the vent pipe. When the pressure regulator commences jiggling about, 15 pounds of pressure has been reached, and the timing starts. Above, the pressure gauge registers 15 pounds of pressure.

A good source for canning information is the "Ball Blue Book of Preserving".

Darling & Domestic Daisy with a yellowware bowl of beans, looking at "Around the Year" by Tasha Tudor.In "Around the Year" written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, on the August pages there are illustrations of ladies putting up food for winter in the old country kitchen. The Corgyncombe Courant just loves these illustrations!!

Diane and Sarah come from a long line of women that put up for winter as summer started turning into autumn. Diane's grandmum was known far and wide as "a canning fool" as she enjoyed it so much and she canned everything in anticipation of winter!! Whenever Diane smells dill she thinks of her grandmum putting up.

Diane remembers when she was a child, husking corn and helping her grandmum and mum in the kitchen during canning season.

As Tasha Tudor wrote to Diane in a September letter:
"I must stop and attempt to put up some of the abundant pear crop in jars."
There is always more canning to be done!


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Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Thrifty Countrywoman,

Daisy does just shine when she is doing domestic tasks! Thank you for your compliments on The Corgyncombe Courant. We look forward to Tasha Tudor's birthday and we do have some special things planned!

Take care,
Diane and Sarah

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