October 27, 2009

Charlotte Visits Early Church

Genealogy and History
Charlotte visited an old church similar to the one where Diane's 4th great grandmother Rachel, was Christened. Unfortunately the original church where Rachel was Christened was torn down. Rachel is an old family name in Diane and Sarah's Van Alen and Quackenbush families.

It is a beautiful church, whose founding goes back to the mid 1700s. Diane's uncle photographed and studied the history and dates of many early churches and some not so early. Diane has decided to also study and document churches. This goes hand in hand with The Corgyncombe Courant's genealogical studies, as there is oft' times a graveyard near the church. More times than not The Corgyncombe Courant will find an ancestor or relative in most of the cemeteries. Sometimes the founding of the church is earlier than the date of the actual church building.

Charlotte had a lovely time visiting the old church on a beautiful Autumnal day!


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Paula said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,

Charlotte looks so sweet sitting in the beautiful church! I enjoyed reading about the church and was sad to hear the original one was torn down. I think it is wonderful you are going to study and document churches as your uncle has done. I am sure it will prove to be very interesting and enjoyable along with your genealogical studies! Thank you both for all of the loveliness you share!

Much love and blessings from your kindred spirit!

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