October 5, 2009


Three Little White Holy Bibles
At the end of September, there was a strong thunderstorm with hail. Suddenly the sun brilliantly came out and before I even saw it, I knew it would be there. I grabbed my camera and ran out the door and there it was, the most beautiful rainbow! Whilst photographing it, I remembered a comment I made to Paula over at Rose Cottage by the Lake, about a small white Holy Bible on her vanity and how it was just like mine. I told her how my grandmother gave my cousin and me the Bibles for Christmas one year when we were little girls. I remember sitting on Grandmum's old dark stairway looking at our Bibles with the flashlights that we had also received. The Bible had lovely illustrations and one of them was of Noah coming out of the Ark with the rainbow overhead and a dove flying with an olive leaf in her mouth.

Our dear friend Paula over at Rose Cottage by the Lake and her new blog Southern Rose Cottage, had a birthday the other day. She looks so lovely and so radiant holding her sweet little friend Pearl the Poodle.
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Southern Rose Cottage

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Rose Cottage by the Lake

I thought of you, Paula, whilst photographing the rainbow and we wanted to share the beauty of this rainbow with you through The Corgyncombe Courant. We know you had a happy birthday and hope for you many more to come!

Our big old barn at Corgyncombe, with the rainbow o'er, reminds us of Noah's Ark. I call our barn "The Ark". Doves nest high on the beams of the old barn and oft' times can be seen flying out the highest window on the end.
I love to go in the end door of the barn and before I go in, I look up at the roof on starry nights, as the barn looks so high it could almost touch the stars.

We have an old kerosene lamp and in the spring when the sun comes through the cottage window just right the prisms fill the room with lovely rainbows. When we give the lamp a little jiggle we have dancing rainbows on the walls. We also take a prism off and walk through other rooms making rainbows. We mentioned our rainbows on the wall to Tasha Tudor which inspired Tasha to get a prism and walk through Corgi Cottage making rainbows on her walls. What a pleasant thought, making rainbows at Corgi Cottage!

My grandmum had our names engraved on our little white Holy Bibles so my cousin's and mine wouldn't get mixed up.



Paula said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,

Oh, I am so very, very blessed by this beautiful post! Thank you for thinking of me and for all of your kind and loving words, and your birthday wishes! Your photos are gorgeous! Such a loving reminder from our heavenly Father... you captured it beautifully. Thank you for thinking of me whilst taking that photo and for sharing it with me here at your lovely Corgyncombe Courant! The illustration of Noah in the Ark was one of my favorites. I just love that we have the same Bibles! How wonderful that you call your lovely old barn "The Ark", and that doves find a home and refuge there. God is so good to remind us of his love and care for us through things we see in nature and around us everyday. Thank you for sharing your happy memories of Tasha. I think making rainbows on the walls with a prism is a very pleasant thought, indeed!

Bless you dear friend for your kindness and thoughtfulness, for your friendship and loving heart! I am so blessed to call you and Sarah friends.

Much love!
Your kindred spirit,

Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Dear Paula and Pearl,

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed my rainbow and little white Bible post! With Jane and Matty's Bibles that makes five little white Bibles. I remember the first Bible verse I had to memorize and speak, which was John 3:16. I love rainbows! The rainbow was a beautiful full arc rainbow and lasted for quite a long time. I just love it when the sun comes out when it is raining, for I know what is sure to be there. Once when we were leaving the cottage there was a huge beautiful rainbow and as we rode along we could see many families coming outside with their little barefoot children pointing up to the rainbow. What a glorious sight! It could be seen for miles and miles.

Much love to you and Pearl,
Your kindred spirits,
Diane and Sarah

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