February 14, 2009

Buttons to Bring Mummy/Auntie Home

At Corgyncombe's Finch Post, Chirpy Cheerful holds one of the official Valentine Dolly Cards. Tasha Tudor had the children use buttons to buy goods for their dolls and animals and Sparrow Post to deliver mail. The currency for the dolls at Corgyncombe is buttons, as well. A little button box can be seen near the base of the scale.

Daisy has been in the kitchen baking everyday for the bake sale to help raise buttons to bring her Auntie home. She has even been making Baby Doll Biscuits and Crackers for Quackers. Above, Daisy poses for The Corgyncombe Courant. She tells her Baby Doll to smile for the camera. Daisy is holding one of her wrapped boxes of baked goods with Baby Doll smiling from her bassinet.

When asked about how the Bake Sale has been going, Daisy told The Corgyncombe Courant that "The Bake Sale has been going well and the buttons are adding up!"


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