February 9, 2009

Inspired by Tasha Tudor and Valentine's Day!

Greetings to Our Dear Readers!
My name is Diane Shepard Johnson and my daughter Sarah and I have always loved old fashioned things. Some of our favorite things and interests are: spinning, weaving, natural dyeing of fiber and yarn, knitting, bobbin lace making, vegetable, herb and flower gardening, old fashioned clothing and frocks, dolls, the old ways of preparing food, canning, corgyn, bunnies, goats, birds, photography, writing, drawing and painting, and the old ways of living.

The Corgyncombe Courant is our newspaper of some of the highlights of life at Corgyncombe Cottage & Corg'ery. Courant is an old term for newspaper.

Corgyncombe Cottage & Corg'ery is a little farm in the valley where the corgyn dwell. Corgyn is plural for corgi. A combe is a valley, dale, vale, or hollow. Diane and Sarah made up their own exclusive word: "Corg'ery" ....... a corg'ery being a farm where an abundance of delightful corgyn dwell. Some spelling variations of their own word Corg'ery include: Corgiery, Corgi'ery, Corgery, Corg'ry, Corgi'ry.

For years we have been inspired by our friend Tasha Tudor's doll families. Tasha made her dolls look so real and we know that they were real to her. Our dolls seem very real to us, too. Our doll families have many children, cousins, Mums, and Aunties who like to do all the favorite things that we like to do best!

Amelia, photograph above, reports that the Dolls at Corgyncombe Cottage are celebrating Valentine's Day. Inspired by Tasha Tudor's Valentine Calendars and delightful dolls, Diane and her daughter Sarah are making this years Valentine Calender, "The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things". This is the 3rd year that Diane and Sarah have made a Valentine Calendar featuring Amelia's Favorite Things. Amelia and her family like to celebrate all the special days throughout the year. Here is the link to view the Valentine Calendar:

"The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things"

Everyday a new photograph should appear on the Valentine Calendar, however we ask your patience dear readers, as sometimes there might be a delay due to the weather, blizzards, technical difficulties, Finch Post delays, etc.

As it is a Valentine Calendar of Amelia's Favorite Things and Amelia is a doll who lives at Corgyncombe Cottage & Corg'ery, the photographs in the calendar are appropriately small.

The Corgyncombe Courant realizes that their readers would like to see the photographs bigger. This had already been taken into account with the creation of "Amelia's Favorite Things: A Closer Look" pages. Here is the link to the first page of this years Valentines "A Closer Look":

"Amelia's Favorite Things: A Closer Look"

Take care,
Diane and Sarah

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Storybook Woods said...

How exciting you have started The Corgyncombe Courant. I have added you to my favorites on my blog and look forward to reading more. Thank you for letting me know. Clarice

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