February 15, 2009

Corgyncombe Jubilant Over Mummy's Return!

Those at Corgyncombe have been successful in raising enough buttons for the special cause of bringing Mummy home.

All are so thankful to God, prayers have been answered and Mummy has safely returned home to Corgyncombe!
She also thanks Auntie Nicey, Amelia, and the rest of her sisters for taking such good care of her daughters whilst she was awaiting rescue from the remote island, after her ship was lost at sea. She is so grateful to all those at Corgyncombe, particularly her little niece Daisy who spent hours in her Auntie Amelia's kitchen baking for the bake sale, as well as everyone who worked at Daisy's Baked Goods Booth, working to raise buttons for her return.

The Corgyncombe Courant witnessed the happiness as Mummy and daughters were reunited and was able to capture a moment for our readers' viewing in The Corgyncombe Courant. In the photograph above, Mummy's four daughters gather around her in joyous admiration. Gathered around Mummy is Violet on the left, the youngest daughter Cynthie in front, Elizabeth on the right, and the oldest daughter Rosalie in back.

hen asked by The Corgyncombe Courant what their thoughts were on Mummy coming home, all agreed that they were very relieved and could hardly believe that their Mummy was finally home. Elizabeth observed "Mummy and I look just alike. Mummy is beautiful!"

Their Mummy said that "I am very proud of my daughters." She is very happy that her daughters are involved with "Tillie Tinkham's Frocks and Fashions" and says it is no surprise to her that they are interested and talented in such pursuits, as she is fond of frocks and fashions also.

She is looking forward to settling in to life at Corgyncombe and sharing her favorite things with her daughters!


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