February 12, 2009

"Mummy must come home!" is Elizabeth's Plea

Elizabeth is very excited, for The Corgyncombe Courant has reported a sighting of her Mother. Elizabeth is anxious, apprehensive, and excited about the possibility of her Mummy perhaps finally being able to join her at Corgyncombe. Elizabeth has three sisters, one older and two younger, who are also daughters of the said Mummy and who also make Corgyncombe their home. Several years ago, their Mummy's ship was lost at sea whilst returning home from a trip abroad and she was feared lost at sea forever. The youngest daughter, Cynthie, doesn't even remember Mummy.

Mummy is reported to have been seen on a remote island and it appears funds will be needed to be gathered in order to attempt to pay for her traveling expenses.
A note from Mummy carried in the beak of a bird began the renewed hope that Mummy may still return.

If you look closely, tears of joy and apprehension can be seen on Elizabeth's face.

All at Corgyncombe have been working to attain the necessary funds. Daisy has been busy baking for an ongoing bake sale that has been taking place out of Amelia's kitchen. Everyone has been taking turns at the bake sale booth.

Elizabeth is hopeful that Corgyncombe will gather enough funds to pay for her Mummy's safe and swift journey to Corgyncombe. There can be no doubt that Elizabeth's Mummy is yearning to come join her four daughters as soon as possible.

Elizabeth (right), reading to her younger sisters Violet (left) and Cynthie (center) on Christmas Eve. Older sister Rosalie not pictured. All want their Mummy to be able to come home as soon as possible.


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