March 31, 2009

Tasha Tudor Calendar

Corgyncombe Library Notes
 As it almost time to change the Tasha Tudor Calendar to another month, we pause again to look at the cover of the 2009 Japanese calendar. The cover photograph by Richard Brown shows Tasha sitting in her garden on a bench with Sarah, with Tasha's corgyn the handsome Mr. Owyn and lovely Rebecca. How happy Tasha looks!

The photograph is also in the Japanese book "Tasha and Her Corgis". It is a wonderful book full of photographs of Tasha's Corgyn through the years and Tasha's drawings. In "Tasha and Her Corgis" there is also a picture of Queen Elizabeth and her Corgi on a book called "The Welsh Corgi". Diane and Sarah are cousins through different old family lines to both Tasha Tudor and Queen Elizabeth. It is on the Queen Mum's side that Queen Elizabeth is related to Diane and Sarah.

Below is a photograph of Corgyncombe's Elizabeth with her Corgi Ethlyn. In another month it will be May Day!


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