March 19, 2009

Spring Cheer!

The Call of the Red-wing

The Red-wing calling at early morn.

The Red-Wings have been seen and mostly heard about Corgyncombe for several days now. Nothing gladdens my heart more in the spring than to hear that familiar call and nothing says spring to me more than the red-winged blackbird's O-ca-lee, O-ca-lee. It is a sound that has said "spring" to me since I was a child. I enjoy seeing the red-winged blackbirds in Tasha Tudor's "A Time To Keep" on the March pages.

Below is a link to Cornell's All About Birds Red-winged Blackbird page:

Sound of the Red-winged Blackbird

If you click on "listen to songs of this species" and click the play button you will hear the Red-winged Blackbird.

"Bird Songs, 250 North American Birds in Song" by Les Beletsky, "Featuring Audio from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology", is a wonderful book that has beautiful illustrations of birds with a button to push to hear the sounds the birds make. The book was added to the Corgyncombe Library a few Christmases ago.

The Corgyncombe Library gives "Bird Songs, 250 North American Birds in Song" by Les Beletsky, five stars!

In grade school one of Diane's teachers loved birds and always fed them in a tree outside the window. Diane always liked to watch the birds instead of concentrating on school work. One of Diane's favorite birds to watch was the Nuthatch. Diane received an award for perfect attendance which was a certificate to be redeemed at the bookstore. The second Diane walked in the bookstore she knew which book she wanted... a big wonderful book about birds. The book included a recording of all the lovely bird songs. The book that Diane was awarded in school reminds her of "Bird Songs, 250 North American Birds in Song".


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