March 30, 2009

A Fashionable Sleeve

Tillie Tinkham's Frocks and FashionsMummy is having a fitting of a sleeve Tillie Tinkham made according to the directions for "The Circular Long Sleeve" from "The Workwoman's Guide" published in 1838. Antique sleeves that Tasha Tudor had collected were carefully studied, such fine sewing and lovely materials! Elizabeth stands on a chair holding the pincushion for Tillie and observing the little seamstress at work. Elizabeth is learning sewing skills from Tillie. Tillie is checking to see if the sleeve is to her liking.

Here is a link to: The Corgyncombe Courant, March 22nd edition that featured "The Workwoman's Guide"

Tillie Tinkham is in agreement with Tasha Tudor: "The Workwoman's Guide" is an "invaluable work"!

Here is a link to: More photographs of Mummy's fitting on our web site

The doll residents of Corgyncombe, like The Corgyncombe Courant reporters Diane and Sarah, like many different time periods of fashion. The 1830s is a particular favorite!

The dolls lives are rather like a dream, made up of favorite bits and pieces of different eras... but once all these pieces are put together the dolls lives are very real! The dolls all have different personalities and when Diane and Sarah are writing a story each doll has a certain way they talk and way their "voices sound", each with their own likes and dislikes. A vivid imagination is such a gift! Diane, Sarah, and the dolls have ever so much fun! Diane remembers when she was a little girl playing and then thinking "What could I use for this?" and then thinking "Aha, I know what would be just perfect!" and running up the stairs to her room to retrieve it. Nothing has changed (except for right now with her broken leg, she doesn't run), as with delight she runs and finds or makes what would be just perfect for the dolls' next activity.


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