March 27, 2009

Knitting the Sontag and Return of the Robin!

Knitting and Birds
The sontag as it is being knitted up. Diane's handspun yarn was dyed with black walnut hulls and the dark moss green color skein that will be used for the trim was dyed with goldenrod.

The pattern for the sontag is in the March/April 2009 issue of "Piecework" magazine. This "Piecework" magazine issue is mentioned in The Corgyncombe Courant's March 25th edition.

Here is a link to: The Corgyncombe Courant, March 25th edition

Delightful Spring news! The Robins have returned to Corgycombe! The first were seen yesterday on the barn ramp. Thornton Burgess in his book "The Burgess Bird Book for Children" called him "Welcome Robin" and a welcome robin he is indeed! The photograph below is a favorite of The Corgyncombe Courant and was taken by The Corgyncombe Courant photographer Diane Shepard Johnson in the Spring of 2007. This photograph has been used by Amelia, a lady doll resident of Corgyncombe, as little cards to send to her lady doll friends.


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