April 30, 2011

May Day's A Coming!

Gather The Sweetest Posies!
May Day's A Coming!
Diane learned to make May baskets like the May basket above in kindergarten from her teacher. Diane's dear kindergarten teacher Mrs. Platt had also been her Mum's grade school teacher. We make our May baskets out of wallpaper from wallpaper sample books, lined with stiffer paper, in the shape of a cone with a handle. The wallpaper for our baskets is so much fun to pick out from all the samples! Sometimes we also make paper flowers to add to the May baskets, too! Making May baskets is a May Day family tradition at Corgyncombe!

Diane and her daughter Sarah's dolls and animal friends also make small May baskets of their own!

The May basket above is hung on "A Time to Keep" illustrated by Tasha Tudor! Tasha Tudor has done delightful illustrations of children leaving their May baskets at the door and children dancing around the Maypole with a joyful Corgi herding the children in a circle. In the borders round, their are beautiful spring flowers, robins, barns swallows, and a bluebird.

When Diane came down this morn, as the sun shone on the lovely bouquets of daffodils in Diane's old kitchen, she found yet another bouquet that her husband had picked, to add to the 49 he had picked the other day. He picked another bouquet of 52 daffodils, making 101 cheerful daffodils to greet her in the lovely morning sun! What a lovely fragrance intensified by the warmth of the sun!



Jeri Landers said...

Your Husband is just too sweet! I adore him!
You reminded me of how we made May baskets in grade school. We wove colored strips of paper and turned them into little square baskets filled with paper flowers. We also did a Maypole dance... I had completely forgotten about it until now.
I thought of you yesterday when I exhibited at a living History Museum. A lovely lady was demonstrating Hearth cooking in one of the cabins and the room was full of delicious scents!
Have a wonderful May Day! Cousin Jeri

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane,

101 daffodils!! We had ten this year in our whole garden. :) I love your May baskets; my girls made some out of wallpaper, tissue paper, juice cartons, and tin cans. They were so busy with big baskets they didn't have time for doll baskets! Maybe we'll have to have a belated May party for them tomorrow.



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