April 6, 2011

Fanny Belle Bunn Finds a Home at The Corgyncombe Bunn'ery!

Pink and Red Look Delightful Together, Really They Do!
This past weekend whilst visiting one of our favorite antique stores this sweet little bunny was sitting outside the shoppe hoping for someone to come along to give her a home. Who could resist such a delightful find! Her lovely hat, blouse, and jumper were purchased at the same shoppe, prior, on separate visits.

Upon arriving at Corgyncombe she cheerfully put on her new outfit and hopped upon Diane's worktable where a bunny book was open to a Mother Rabbit and her little bunns. She felt right at home!

Tasha Tudor did an illustration of a rabbit named Colonel Bunn. A print of Colonel Bunn can be found on the Tasha Tudor and Family web site. Colonel Bunn was named after a person that Tasha knew of. This reminds the "genealogical researchers" (as Tasha would say) at Corgyncombe of Fanny Bunn, a cousin to Diane and Sarah through the Taylors. Fanny Bunn was listed on the census as having 16 little Bunns! One of Fanny Bunn's sons was named Peter Russell Bunn and one of the daughters was named Fanny Belle Bunn. Fanny Belle Bunn is the name chosen for the new fuzzy Bunnyette with the pink jumper and the delightful red hat! Some people have said that pink and red just do not go together but Fanny Belle Bunn thinks they are beautiful together!

Fanny Belle Bunn now makes her home at the Corgyncombe Bunn'ery. Bunn'ery is a word that Diane and Sarah use, meaning a place where delightful wild and tame bunnies and rabbits happily and hoppily dwell.

Above, Fanny Belle Bunn is considering what colours to paint the goose egg that Diane acquired from Elmer the Goose and his wife. On the art stand is an old postcard of a Grandmum Bunny with a basket full of eggs. Hanging o'er the art stand is a pieced quilt block, found at the same shoppe, that Diane is thinking of replicating.

Elmer the Goose guarding the woodshed.

"Tasha Tudor's Old-Fashioned Gifts" by Tasha Tudor and Linda Allen, has many things to make by hand including patterns for and a tutorial to make a wool rabbit! Marjorie Tudor, Tasha Tudor's daughter-in-law, makes cut wool rabbits and has given classes in making cut wool animals.

Here is a link to where you can find the Colonel Bunn print and Marjorie's cut wool rabbit:



The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Fanny Belle Bunn must be THRILLED to be joining the " Corgyncombe Bunn'ery"! She is a fortunate Bun indeed!
How exciting the Goose Egg decorating time is on! Many of us are getting ready our eggs;-)
Buttercup has given.... reluctantly)...(She has no husband).....(anymore)......
her eggs!
We are looking forward to a Saturday decorating day with some of the Grandies :-)
Many Blessings, Love and HUGS, Linnie

Christie said...

Dearest girls!!
What a PRECIoUs little bunny-bunn!!! I think pink and red are tremendously perfect together and make such a lovely outfit, any little girl would be proud of!

Linnie, you'll have such fun with those grandies of yours...making wonderful memories they'll treasure.

Love and many hugs to you my dear friends,

Barbee' said...

I have always liked pink and red together, and I think Fanny Belle Bunn looks lovely!

Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Ooh, how could you say no to a sweet bunny face like that! Fanny Belle Bunn is a treasure, indeed. I used to know a family of Bunns; I wonder if they are any relation?

I'm excited to see your finished goose eggs; Tasha would greatly approve! :)



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