April 18, 2011

A Bonnet Grandmum Would Have Loved!

Lettie's Fashionable Lovelies!
Diane's great great grandmum, Celestia loved pretty things! She would have adored this antique velvet bonnet with the fashionable feather from the Corgyncombe Frocks and Fashions Collection! This bonnet was originally owned by a lady who lived not too far away from where Diane's grandmum lived. It came in its original hat box with extra feathers included. The hat is on display in front of a beautiful antique green wool mantle with sewn on soutache trim.

Great Great Grandmum Celestia ("Lettie")

Some of Grandmum's favorite things.
The hair comb was not hers but reminds us of those she wore. Diane's Grandmum inherited the mirror and the perfume vial; the mirror she always kept by her bathroom sink and the perfume vial she kept on her dresser in her bedroom. Diane's Mum inherited the red beads from her
Great Grandmum Celestia. Diane always loved these beads and when she was a little girl, on Saturday mornings she would take the beads from her Mum's dresser and her Mum's music box, then she would jump in bed between her parents and listen to the music box whilst admiring the beads.

Celestia's daughter Ethlyn

Annabelle M'liss loves pretty things, too!
In "A is for Annabelle", by written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, there are many lovely and fashionable items illustrated from A to Z.

Emma Lydia wears a hair comb, necklace, and earrings.

Although this photograph is torn and part of the top doesn't show because it is whited out, it still shows a charming country scene of Diane's Great Great Grandmum Lettie with her cow and Diane's Grandmum, the little girl, looking on. The fence in the background looks to be split rail. Great Great Grandmum went out west near Jamestown, New York, where they had a small farm. She lived there until her husband died as a young man, when she then returned east to live on a farm near her parents.

Diane's great great grandmum Celestia with her horse Molly. Although Celestia lived well into the age of the "autymobile" she still preferred always to drive her horse Molly and travel by horse and buggy. Sweet Molly lived for years and was a devoted, well loved horse. Diane's Mum remembers sitting on the porch looking down the road waiting for her great grandmum and Molly to come into view...

Here is a link to:
"The Making of a Farm at Old Sturbridge Village"
by our Cousin John A. Mott.

John Mott's Grandmum Nettie was first cousin to Lettie who was Diane's Great Great Grandmum.
John and Diane have shared grandparents through the Cook, Greene, Matteson, Cummings, Mott, and other families.

As you can see, Diane and Sarah's love of the past comes naturally. Diane and Sarah would spend afternoons with their cousin John going through his photographs and discussing old houses, old barns, old farming techniques, and genealogy.



Christie said...

Everything about this post evokes sweet memories of my "greats" and the precious, lovely things that have been passed down for generations. Aren't we blessed to have had such strong, admirable women walk their journeys before us, leaving wonderful legacies!
Blessings on this windy Spring day,

Christie said...

Dearest Diane and Sarah,
Husband and I just viewed the new Jane Eyre movie today....the actress who portrayed Jane looked so much like you sweet Sarah!! She even wore a hair comb resembling the one pictured here! Oh what a lovely portrayal of Charlotte Bronte's incredible novel.
I also received my precious art stands today! I am overwhelmed at the meticulous attention to detail in both the full-sized and the miniature. Seth Tudor is certainly the skilled craftsman!
Easter blessings,

Jeri Landers said...

I missed out on so much never having known my Grandma, she died when my mother was just a child. It is so wonderful that you have so many special links to your past. Little Ethlyn has a very pretty little pout.

Cousin Jeri

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