April 8, 2011

Fanny Belle Bunn Gives Quilting Lecture!

The Tail of Fanny Belle Bunn!
Fanny Belle Bunn points out the antique quilt square that Diane found last weekend at the same shoppe that she found Fanny Belle. The quilt square is displayed on the art stand made by Seth Tudor, son of Tasha Tudor. Diane would love to make a quilt out of this pattern. Diane loves piecing quilts! This last winter she found a wonderful old quilting frame at one of her favorite shoppes! Tiny cucumber, lettuce, and carrot sandwiches were served along with chamomile tea after the lecture. All the bunny ladies attending the lecture took a bunny nap after tea!

In "Rosemary for Remembrance", on the November page, Tasha Tudor has illustrated a quilting bee with ladies gathered round, quilting. A table with tea, cookies, and cake are set out for refreshments, two little girls are delightfully occupied playing dolls with a trunk of doll clothes, whilst a slumbering baby is in the cradle , two corgyn alongside, with one corgi peacefully resting its head on the rocker. The illustration is accompanied by the quote "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." - John Ruskin.

In "The New England Butt'ry Shelf Cookbook", written by Mary Mason Campbell and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, "Thimble Tea and The Quilting Bee" features an illustration with a similar theme, again with a group of ladies having a quilting bee. Two little girls look like they have been sewing doll clothes, as there is a little sewing basket next to the trunk, and they are about to try a new frock on their doll! The illustration is bordered by a sewing basket, pieces for quilting, thread, scissors, and measuring tape. At the bottom of the illustration are some of the foods served at the all day gathering.

As you can see, Fanny Belle Bunn's frock makes allowances for her bunny tail!

Diane has these fond remembrances of visiting a favorite elderly relative: My great grandmum's cousin Lena excelled at domestic skills such as pickling, breadmaking, sewing, and many others. She always won prizes for her domestic abilities
at the county fair. My family used to visit them often and I would usually take a doll with me. One time she surprised me with a handmade dolly wardrobe in an old basket. Lena was such a wonderful lady! And to think that she weighed only a few pounds when she was born and wasn't expected to live. To keep her warm after she was born they put her in a basket in the warming oven atop the old wood cookstove. It was just warm enough to keep the premature baby comfortably warm. Lena lived to a ripe old age and she passed many of her skills on to me! She taught me how to do piecing and quilting. I inherited some of her quilting patterns and equipment. Lena was so thrilled that I wanted to learn from her!
She always reiterated small, tiny stitches and she was very pleased with my efforts... but then we are from a long line of kindred who love to sew. In the old days tiny quilting stitches were prized and well so because they made items that would last. The same goes for spinning excellence as they wanted good yarns to make into items that would last. These heirloom pieces last because of their fine workmanship. Children were taught at an early age such skills as spinning, knitting, and quilting.

"Hopalong Jack and The Blue Bunnies"
written and illustrated by Jeri Landers
In "Hopalong Jack" there is a rabbit quilting party amongst the spinners, weavers, and yarn dyers.
A "Chippy Hackee"is atop the quilt, working on the acorn quilt square.
A lovely blue bunny quilt is hanging on the blanket rack that Fanny Belle Bunn really admires!

"The Journey of Bushky Bushybottom"
written and illustrated by Jeri Landers

They are wonderful books with beautiful illustrations and clever stories and poems! They are great books for all ages, especially at this time of year with all the little critters scurrying about and all the spring flowers popping up!

Visit our Cousin Jeri at her website: Jeri Landers
where you can find her books
"Hopalong Jack and The Blue Bunnies"
"The Journey of Bushky Bushybottom"



Marqueta (Mar-keet-a) said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Ooh, I wish I could have seen that quilting bee! :) I have a couple of quilt tops that my grandma left unfinished when she passed away; you've inspired me to get them finished, once and for all.

Thanks for sharing more of your sweet life with us.


Marqueta and children

Christie said...

Dearest friends,
What a beautiful remembrance of your sweet relative! Learning to quilt is on my "bucket" list..along with bobbin lace (of which I have a beginners kit)', spinning wool (as I have had the great honor of being entrusted with Nancy's beautiful wheel) and learning more of cottage flower and vegetable gardening). There are hardly enough hours in the day!!

How much I am enjoying Jeri's beautiful books...they remain on my big chair at all times through this season!

Best regards for your 3 B Saturday;)

Jeri Landers said...

Dear Diane and Sarah, What a dear little bun and a quilter too! Bunnies have the very best taste in colors and quilt patterns.
I have a quilt top made by a Great Grandmother in lovely shades of pink and white. I know that SOMEDAY I will get around to quilting it with itty bitty stitches, BUT, I have a quilt I pieced and began quilting 20 years ago! Still not finished!
You are so blessed to have had those traditional skills handed down to you from your family.
Cousin Jeri

The BUTT'RY and BOOK'RY said...

Dear Miss Fanny Belle Bunn, Miss Mildred "Milly" Mouskin is VERY impressed at the Quilting tales, ....AND... the Puffy Tail!
She dreams of joining a Quilting Bee some day.

The stories of your Aunts make me remember my Great Aunt whom I would get to see when I stayed whole summers with my Grandma "Omi". Tante Marie was a master seamstress who designed clothing (and her sister was a coveted Spinner) and Omi was always doing special needle crafts, her best being braided rugs.

How blessed we are to have been enriched with these ladies ;-)
What an endearing story of lena's fist days !
Blessings and Hugs, Linnie

Natalie said...

Indeed, I spy Seth's art stand! It looks lovely. Hoping you all had a good Easter!

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