September 27, 2010

Spencerian Script

Such a Lovely Way of Writing!
An old autograph book from around 1887 is on display on the art stand in the Corgyncombe Library.
The script resembles Spencerian Script.

"To Tom"
"January Eighteenth 1887"
"Meanness shun and all its train,
Goodness seek and Life is gain"
"Your Friend and Schoolmate"
Elmer S. White
Sull Co

Behind the autograph book is the February 1989 issue of Victoria Magazine. In this issue there is an article about Spencerian Script. Platt Rogers Spencer, born in 1800, was the founder of Spencerian Script. He published instructional books that taught his lovely penmanship style.

Another autograph book, with the February 1989 Victoria Magazine behind.
The next pages after have the article "Emily Dickinson, An Ecstasy in Living".

The cover of the 1887 autograph book.

A "Spencerian System of Penmanship" book.

An entry from the Braddock Bible, made by Henry's grieving wife Juliaett, recording his death.
At the bottom she wrote:
"My darling is waiting for me"

Diane and Sarah have always loved beautiful penmanship.
Diane always enjoyed practicing her letters and in 3rd grade won an award for her penmanship.

Joan Donaldson wrote a book inspired by Platt Rogers Spencer, called "A Pebble and A Pen".

Joan also wrote "The Real Pretend", illustrated by Tasha Tudor.
Sarah of Corgyncombe was Tasha's model for the illustrations of the little girl Kathy in "The Real Pretend". It is a true story about a little girl who goes round to her neighbors, taking pretend orders from the Larkins Catalog.

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