September 17, 2010

Autumn's Warm, Mellow Apricot Glow!

Autumnal Sights and Sounds...
Autumn is in the air as wild geese can be seen and heard calling from above. There is a chill to the air and the wool blankets are brought out from storage. As leaves begin to change and fall and the cornfields are turning brown, the countryside takes on a warm mellow apricot glow.

The log cabin quilt is an antique that is pieced with mostly wool fabrics.

Tasha Tudor illustrated "A Brighter Garden" a collection of poetry by Emily Dickinson. We named our Corgi Emily after Diane's great great grandmother Emily Jane (Jones) Shepard and Emily (Jones) Shepard's cousin Emily Elizabeth Dickinson, as well as Emily Dickinson's mother Emily (Norcross) Dickinson. Tasha did such lovely illustrations in "A Brighter Garden". There is one illustration of a little country church with beautiful Autumnal landscapes round.


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