September 4, 2010

"1 is One" by Tasha Tudor and A Little Pink Frock!

The Blush is Coming to the Apples on the Small Apple Tree!
 In the book "1 is One", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, there are many little girls dressed in frocks similar to the one pictured above. The splendid art stand was made for Corgyncombe Cottage by Seth Tudor, son of Tasha Tudor. It is such a delight as it is so useful to display many things!

Last weekend whilst still celebrating Tasha Tudor's birthday The Corgyncombe Courant went traveling and came upon one of their favorite antique shops. There, amongst other delights, they found the most charming pink frock and bonnet. They look just like a birthday party! Both the antique frock and the bonnet boasted the finest of workmanship in the tiniest of stitches all hand sewn!

Apples from the little apple tree that you come upon just after the garden of herbs, along side Corgi Creek. These apples are just starting to get a lovely reddish blush.

This tree is home to a wren family that raised a family in a little house hanging upon one of its branches.

You can hardly see the small, fine hand stitches in the bonnet!

 Tasha Tudor's "1 is One" features a little girl in a bonnet, carrying a basket as she reaches up to pick one of the 7 apples on the tree. On the opposite page is one of The Corgyncombe Courant's favorite illustrations: the seven apples and the basket by an old crock decorated with a bird. Both pages are bordered with lovely pink apple blossoms.

 In the photograph above are two little girls dressed in frocks similar to the pink frock. The tintype is from the Corgyncombe Old Photograph Collection.

May apple blossoms at sunrise down near Corgi Creek.

This little child looks amazingly like Sarah did when she was little... but then again, perhaps 'tis not so strange, as it came from an area where family was from in the old days.From the Corgyncombe Old Photograph Collection.

In "Linsey Woolsey", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Sylvie Ann is celebrating her birthday. Sylvie and her brother are shown making ice cream. The little lamb Linsey Woolsey creates mischief at Sylvie's birthday party by jumping upon the festive birthday table. We could imagine that Corgyncombe Goat Kiddles, Lucy and Louisa May, aka the Flying Lu-Lou's, would cause as much trouble as they are up upon everything! The darling frocks that Sylvie and her little girl friends are wearing are similar to the pink frock in the Corgyncombe Antique Frock Collection.

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