September 8, 2010

Grandmum Has Always Reminded Me of Tasha Tudor!

Gathering Pearls from Meadow and Lawn!
A recently gathered puffball which has been sliced, with the bottom of the puffball cut away a bit.

My father's Mum reminds me of Tasha Tudor. When I think of my Grandmum, I think of a large garden, canning on her Kalamazoo wood cookstove (she was known as a canning fool), the smell of dill, her out cutting grass with a scythe, wearing aprons, and finding and preparing puffballs. Grandmum always thought she had found the greatest treasure when she found a puffball! A treasure that she was always delighted to share! I can still see her now getting out of their old antique truck carrying a huge puffball carefully in her hands. My Mum would look out the window, roll her eyes, and say "Oh no, not another one!" My father and I would devour these pearls of the meadow and lawn with enthusiasm!

We sliced them, cut off the outer layer, dipped them in egg and milk, covered with breadcrumbs, and sautéed them in butter. Recently, whilst visiting Lantern Light Cottage, I found five of these pearly beauties on the lawn! I could just imagine Grandmum's joy and excitement!

In "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook", Tasha has a receipt for Cream of Mushroom Soup and says:
"This soup always brings to mind the overcast yet warm fall days in Redding, Connecticut, when my mother and I would roam over huge pastures hunting for field mushrooms, puffballs, inky caps, and even morels." In "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook", Tasha suggests you buy your mushrooms at a grocery if you can't identify mushrooms.

I just love mushroom soup and will have to give this receipt a try!

A Corgyncombe almost St. Distaff's Day Moon!

The Corgyncombe Courant advises its readers to make sure they know w
hat mushrooms and food they find in the wild is safe to eat and what is not, before eating.

My father's Mum came from old New England stock, Standish, Taylor, Starr, Swift, Strong, Freeman, Towne, and many others.

Grandmum as I remember her best, in her apron, and my Grandfather holding me.
I know I was their little delight!


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