August 25, 2010

August 28th Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration Up and Coming!

Tasha Tudor and Family Has Ice Cream Freezer Giveaway!
Last year for Tasha Tudor's Birthday we made ice cream using the receipt in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".
Saturday, August 28th, is the anniversary of Tasha Tudor's Birthday!
The Corgyncombe Courant will be doing a special Tasha Tudor Birthday Post on that day to honor and celebrate our friend Tasha Tudor!

On Rookery Ramblings, Tasha Tudor and Family will be giving away an ice cream freezer and "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook" as Grand Prize! Second Prize will be "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". There are other prizes, too.

Mmmmmm! It's so delicious!!!
 At last year's Tasha Tudor Birthday Celebration we had goat races, like the residents of Corgiville in Tasha Tudor's "Corgiville Fair".

Lydia Corgi enjoyed the goat races but enjoyed most of all the cake and ice cream!

The receipts for the cake and ice cream are from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook" and in the book there is an illustration of making ice cream with an old ice cream freezer and a corgi hoping to lick the ice cream dasher.

Natalie at Rookery Ramblings mentioned about finding Tasha Tudor's ill
ustrations of ice cream making.

This was the list that we put on last year's Tasha Tudor Birthday Tea! post:

In "The Real Pretend", written by Joan Donaldson and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, Kathy goes around to her neighbors to take pretend orders from the Larkins Catalog. Sarah was the model for Tasha Tudor's illustrations of the little girl Kathy in "The Real Pretend". In the book, one of Kathy's neighbors, Mr. Williams, is very fond of ice cream and he orders vanilla and salt just as Kathy hoped he would. When the pretend orders become real after her brother sends in the order, she has to go around and collect the money for all the goods that were ordered. Thankfully all the neighbors were pleasant about giving Kathy the money for the orders. One can see in Tasha's illustrations that Mr. Williams is indeed very fond of making ice cream, as all the equipment for making ice cream is on his porch. Mr. Williams encouraged Kathy to write the story of her Larkins selling career and reminded her "You're invited to help me make ice cream when I get my vanilla!"

In the photograph above, Sarah is giving her cat a treat in front of the ice box. On the back inside cover of "The Real Pretend" you will see Tasha's illustration of Sarah as Kathy, that is very similar to Diane's photograph of Sarah in front of the ice box.

Tasha told us she had an ice box much like ours for years and that it was her task to empty the drip pan.

Diane's family used to make ice cream when she was little using an old fashioned ice cream freezer. Vanilla was always the favorite.

In "Becky's Birthday", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, she describes and illustrates making peach ice cream for Becky's birthday celebration. There is an illustration of Becky and her brother Ned licking the dasher.

(Sarah adds this for this year, August 25, 2010: In "Becky's Birthday" Tasha's words describe Becky's feelings as Becky first sees her delightful forest birthday surprise table, which was only a foot high: "The scene that lay before them was more than anyone had imagined - even Becky, and she knew Mother and Father could do the most wonderful things." How I understood this statement, for many times I have felt like Becky, knowing how absolutely splendidly my Mum and Pa could make things memorable and special! Sometimes exceeding the anticipated joy! - Sarah)

In "The Springs of Joy", illustrated by Tasha Tudor, a young boy is turning the ice cream freezer crank, whilst other children, anticipating the ice cream to come, wait with spoons in hand at Tasha's back door. The corgyn also eagerly wait hoping they will get a lick of ice cream, too. Ralph Waldo Emerson is quoted on the page "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

When you first open up Tasha Tudor's "Seasons of Delight" there is a pop up of Tasha's barn and cottage and there is an illustration of children making ice cream, again awaiting the ice cold treat along with the corgyn.

 This summer Seth Tudor made Diane a reproduction Art Stand like Tasha Tudor's.
You can purchase "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook" at Tasha Tudor and Family.

Here is the link to the Giveaway:
 Tasha Tudor and Family Ice Cream Freezer Giveaway

Here is a link to our Tasha Tudor Birthday Tea from last year:
Tasha Tudor Birthday Tea!

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