August 22, 2010

Corgyncombe Apothecary and Apple Orchard

Table Talk Pie Tin and Pie in a Pie Basket Revisited!
A photograph by Diane Shepard Johnson taken in Corgyncombe Garden of Herbs in 2006.

Herbs are dried in the corgyn's pretend apothecary, "Emily & Ethlyn's Potions & Perfumery".

Diane and Sarah made old fashioned labels for the packages of dried herbs. The packages look and smell splendiferous in Corgyncombe's "Emily & Ethlyn's Potions & Perfumery".

An old ledger in Emily & Ethlyn's Potions & Perfumery. In the ledger is recorded butter at 40 cents per pound. The corgyn love hand churned butter flavored with herbs.

The old ledger also has a list of old time apples.

An old copy of "The National Formulary" covered with rose patterned material. There are receipts for elixirs, confections, syrups, and infusions which use many ingredients, such as lily of the valley, iris, rhubarb, lavender, and rose. The bobbin lace bookmark is like one that Sarah made for Tasha Tudor.

Apples from another tree in the Corgyncombe Orchard. Diane swooped them up in her apron and brought them into the old Corgyncombe kitchen and apothecary. The Corgyncombe Orchard calls this apple the Ethlyn Apple.

Whilst we were taking Ethlyn Maria Corgi on one of her frequent necessary outings when she just a little pup, she spied an apple hanging low from one of our apple trees at Corgyncombe Cottage. Ethlyn jumped up and grabbed the apple several times. She ran around with it in her mouth grrring, tugging, shaking, and running in circles until she plucked the apple from the branch. Ethlyn was very pleased with her success!

Ethlyn hanging on to the apple.

Ethlyn with her prize apple.

Photograph by Diane Shepard Johnson was taken in September 2009.
When Diane bakes a pie she often uses old New England Table Talk Flaky Crust Pie tins. Sometimes these tins have a deposit amount of five or ten cents stamped in the tin.

Photograph by Diane Shepard Johnson was taken in September 2009.
The pie has been baked and placed into the old pie basket to enjoy at a pleasant outdoor Autumnal tea.

Photograph by Diane Shepard Johnson was taken in September 2009.

Photograph by Diane Shepard Johnson was taken in September 2009.
The delightful gentle movement of the wind made tea even more lovely. In the mottled sunshine with the leaves drifting down an outdoor Autumnal tea with apple pie is enjoyed.

We've had inquiries regarding what kind of apple was in our "Corgyncombe Apple Orchard" post last year. The Corgyncombe Courant is researching in it's library of apple books to see if we can find an answer.

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