April 30, 2010

Corgyncombe's Sweet Kiddle Cuties!

Corgyncombe Goat Carmella Lucille Has Triplets!
Lucy and Louisa May one day old.

On April 20th, her expected due date, our Nubian Dairy Goat Carmella Lucille gave birth to triplets:
Lucy, Louisa May, and Lizzie! I knew they would all be girls!

Lucy was named after her Mum Carmella Lucille because she is the spitting image of her Mama.
Louisa May was named after Louisa May Alcott because she is our cousin and because we th
ink she looks like her.

Lucy one day old.

Lizzie was named after our cousin Lizzie Alcott, Louisa May Alcott's sister, who was the sister Beth in "Little Women". Like Lizzie, we lost our little Lizzie too soon. Sadly, our little Lizzie did not live very long but whilst she was here we cuddled and loved her and kept her warm. She will always be missed. She was buried up on the hill, where later a carpet of blue periwinkles will flourish, with the family critters that had passed on before her.

Carmella Lucille ten days before kidding. The green grass looks lovely with her red hair.

Carmella Lucille the day she went into labor.

Carmella Lucille and the kiddles' father both have impressive Champion lines. Carmella Lucille's honeymoon was a well managed event and we knew right when to expect kiddles as we do not let Carmella Lucille run wild and free with the bucks all the time!

Oft' times during late night and early morning barn checks to look in on Carmella Lucille, Diane would take along "Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father" by John Matteson. The book acquired many bookmarks using hay, feathers, and a scrap of fabric to mark notable sections. I even read it whilst cooking, there are pieces of rice scattered throughout the pages. Diane is just loving this book and it is of special interest as Abba May Alcott and her daughters are Diane and Sarah's cousins through the May family. Perhaps Diane and Sarah are related to John Matteson, too, as Diane and Sarah have early direct Matteson lines!

"Eden's Outcasts: The Story of Louisa May Alcott and Her Father" by John Matteson

In the book "Eden's Outcasts" the author talks about Louisa thinking her big eyes were beautiful and how she tried to increase the beauty by opening them even wider as she walked about Boston. She was surprised when she got home and looked in the mirror that her exaggerated look wasn't as beautiful as she had thought it might be. Our little Louisa has big eyes, exaggerated by an outline in white and on our little Louisa May we find this quite cute! They become especially sparkly and alert when she is expecting her bottle.

Carmella Lucille gives well over a gallon of milk a day. We look forward to making butter, cheese, soap, and most of all delicious ice cream!

Louisa May

Louisa May nibbling on Lucy's ear. How they love to run, jump, and play on the ledge surrounding their nursery!

Tasha Tudor has done numerous goat illustrations, some of our favorites are in "A Time to Keep" and "The Springs of Joy". In "A Time to Keep" Tasha says "In April the new kids were let out to play in the warm spring sunshine." with an accompanying illustration of frolicking goat kids.

As two run off and play, the third will always be remembered.

Marsh Marigold

The daffodils at Corgyncombe Cottage are exceptionally lovely this year!


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