April 14, 2010

Tasha Tudor Hot Cross Buns for Easter Tea

An Easter Tradition!
The fragrance of the Easter Lily was lovely at Easter Tea. On the shelf above the teapot are Beatrix Potter figurines: Tom Kitten and his Mum Tabitha Twitchit, Flopsy Bunny, and Mrs. Rabbit.

Setting the Hot Cross Buns out to cool. The receipt for Hot Cross Buns is from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook". The red and white pot holder was a recent delightful find.

Charlotte, anticipating Easter Tea, also made Hot Cross Buns.

After the dough has risen, she puts the buns on a cookie sheet and allows them to rise again.

The buns have been frosted with a cross on top. The antique large oval screen cover was a most delightful recent find!

Diane used the receipt for "Christmas Cookies" from "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook" to make the cut cookies in the shapes of hens, chicks, and rabbits.

Chickalily joins Charlotte for Easter Tea with Charlotte's fresh Hot Cross Buns and Tasha Tudor's Welsh Breakfast Tea. In her hand, Charlotte holds one of Sarah's handmade marbleized eggs.

Old Chalkware Hen and chicks with a delightful timeworn appearance.

The Corgyncombe Courant has added to our "At Garden Gate and Cottage Door: Helen Allingham's Lovely Paintings" post.
Here is the link: "At Garden Gate and Cottage Door: Helen Allingham's Lovely Paintings"


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