April 4, 2010

At Garden Gate and Cottage Door

Helen Allingham's Lovely Paintings
The Robins have been at Corgyncombe for a couple of weeks now. One of the first mornings they were here, the north meadow was full of Robins in the snow along the water that runs down the hill.

In the Corgyncombe Library, a lovely print of a pair of Robins by Arthur Singer graces the old school desk. The Robin print, once a page in a book, was a delightful find at 75 cents.
In the book "Old West Surrey" Gertrude Jekyll speaks of Helen Allingham's paintings: "The simple and charming dress of young cottage girls of the older time, the cotton print frock, - the long pinafore and the plain sun-bonnet - is delightfully shown."

Helen Allingham would frequently portray her subjects at the cottage door or gate, often with gardens 'round. Her paintings remind us of some of the photographs I have taken of Sarah.

Sarah on the garden bench. Tasha Tudor did a painting of this photograph and it was made into the Sarah card.

Helen Allingham's paintings have an abundance of sweet red headed children and lovely frocks.

Tasha Tudor was delighted to see Sarah in her "charming" old fashioned frocks and also delighted with Sarah's preference for pretty music.

Photograph Added April 14th: From the book "Happy England", Helen Allingham's "The Robin", with the girl dressed in a pink frock with a sunbonnet standing by the stone wall, reminds us of Sarah. The daffodils are now in bloom this Spring at the Corgyncombe Cottage Gardens, putting on the most delightful display!

Sarah in the garden wearing an old sunbonnet.

Corgyncombe Sunbonnets.

Diane made the pressed tulip cookies using the Christmas Cookies receipt in "The Tasha Tudor Cookbook".

Springtime Tea. The bird on the teapot is a Robin from England.

Daffodils and tulips haven't bloomed yet this year in the Corgyncombe Gardens but seeing Helen Allingham's painting "The Children's Tea" reminded us so of my bouquets of daffodils that I had to include a couple of my photographs of daffodils from years past. Diane loves fresh flowers in bouquets about the cottage.

Photograph Added April 14th: Helen Allingham's "The Children's Tea" from the book "Happy England". Notice the bouquet of cheerful daffodils in the blue and white bowl on the left side of the painting. Daffodils are like rays of sunshine!

Daffodils alongside some old books by our cousin Louisa May Alcott.

Photograph Added April 14th: Helen Allingham's "The Young Customers" from the book "Happy England". The little girls are considering purchasing a toy flat iron. The old lady clerk reminds us of Tasha Tudor.

The little girl in the painting is trying the iron out on her cape.

Here are some links to s
ome of our favorite Helen Allingham paintings.
We hope you have a cup of tea and enjoy looking at them!

"The Children's Tea" with a lovely bouquet of daffodils at tea.

"The Young Customers"
purchasing a toy flat iron. The
old lady clerk reminds us of Tasha Tudor.

Helen Allingham, a delightful kindred spirit!


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