January 31, 2010

Elizabeth's Language Lesson!

At The Corgyncombe School Chalkboard
Elizabeth pauses from photographing of the 4th Annual "The Days of Valentines: Amelia's Favorite Things" Valentine Calendar for a little language lesson at Corgyncombe School.

It has come to The Corgyncombe Courant's attention that another blogger is claiming that a certain part of "The Magic Flute" is sung in French. The music was composed by Mozart. Here is a link to: Papagena ~ Papageno from YouTube.
The video has French subtitles. The other blogger claimed that there were not only French subtitles but that it was sung in French as well!

Elizabeth says "Sung in French? Not so!"

This is clearly sung in German. If one were learning by hearing one would be learning it in German not French!

A little Math lesson.
A few days ago, January 27th, was the 254th birthday of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In December 2010 it will be 219 years since his death in 1791.


It would appear that Elizabeth's Language Lesson made a difference!

The words have been changed in the other bloggers post.

And all this whilst she is trying to sell a book!


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