January 21, 2010

Corgyncombe Candlelight at Wintertide

Inspired by Tasha Tudor
Refilling the copper candle box with hand dipped beeswax candles.

Candlelight is intensified as a mirrored wall sconce reflects even more light.

Icicles dripping in streams in warming winter weather.

The candle in the window glowing against the winter's chill.

An close up view of the dripping icicles.

Candlelight in Diane's old kitchen at tea time with Welsh Tea Cakes.

Though she had electric, Tasha Tudor loved candlelight, especially at tea. In "Corgiville Christmas", written and illustrated by Tasha Tudor, the Corgyn can be seen having teas and parties with a festive candlelight glow.

Diane first dipped candles in grade school. 'Twas a year of most marvelous learning of the old ways from a teacher who, like her young student Diane, also descended from early kindred New England ancestors.

is a link to an earlier post of The Corgyncombe Courant: Welsh Tea Cakes for Tea



Anonymous said...

And don't forget, "Candlelight is kind to an old face." Particularly mine! We eat dinner by candlelight every night and it makes it so special. Thanks for a great post!
From a small, candlelit farm in Vermont,

Lady Farmer said...

Goodevening ladies!
Oh, I do love candlelight! And I can just smell those heavenly hand dipped bees wax candles! You are welcoming all who travel by your light filled window on the cold winter night. Candlelight takes one back to a quieter, simpler time, doesn't it?
Oh! And that copper candlebox ~ divine!
Blessings, my friends!

Marqueta said...

Dear Diane and Sarah,

Such beautiful, perfectly-formed candles! And the tea arrangement is just lovely, as well.



Diane Shepard Johnson and Sarah E. Johnson said...

Thanks Matty, Beth, Raeann, and Marqueta. We just love candlelight at Corgyncombe Cottage!

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