January 27, 2010

Old Fashioned Painting on Tin

Making the Home More Cheerful!
Diane has always loved old fashioned painting on tin. During her lunch hours whilst working at the museum Diane would spend her time sketching patterns from the old pieces of tin that the museum had on display behind glass. The painting on tin made everyday items used around the home more cheerful in the days of old.

In the photographs above and below, old fashioned painting on tin done by Diane, mostly using the one stroke method.
The painting is not stenciled.

A tea canister painted by Diane, a little dented in after falling off the mantel.

Trimming the ends off of hand dipped beeswax candles.


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Lady Farmer said...

I took toll painting classes once and was terrible at it! I just couldn't hold my hand the way they wanted me to. Diane, your tins are true works of art! Beautiful patterns! And I can just smell the sweetness of honey in those beautiful beeswax candles!

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