November 11, 2017

Remembrances on Veterans Day

Hoping the War Will Be Over Soon So We Can See Each Other Again...
The brother pictured above died whilst in the service.
He was only 19 and had a special sweetheart at home who he planned to marry.
In a letter to one of his brothers in the service he wrote that he was hoping the war would be over soon so that all the brothers could see each other again.

In his last letter home he wrote of his love for his family.
Also in the photograph above is one of the Western Union Telegrams sent when he died.
Sally Ann said that at the funeral there was not a dry eye in the church.
Her brother's favorite hymns were played at the service on the organ.
The older two brothers were unable to attend the funeral as one was in Panama and the other in Africa.

Uncle's Service Photo Album, Fort Andrews, Boston Harbor, Mass. The photograph is of him leaving home after his last leave.

Uncle with his Grandmum (his Father's Mum)
His Grandmum's ancestors in the Scott, Keyes, and Adams families served in the Revolutionary War.

Sally Ann, sad to see her brother leaving to go back to Fort Andrews.

Uncle and his Sweetheart

Sally Ann's baby brother, wearing his aviator hat, posed atop the mailbox in front of the family home. The family mailbox where news from home was sent and news from the three brothers in the service was eagerly watched and waited for.

Letters sent home by the three brothers.

Sally Ann's three older brothers and her father played for dances and special occasions.
The three brothers above all served during World War II.
The brother in the middle is the brother pictured at the top of this post, the one who died in the service.

Sally Ann and her brothers had numerous direct ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War, on both their Mother and Father's side of the family.

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