November 22, 2017

Mayflower Rose and Izannah Walker!

Emma Fashions a Mayflower Rose Tussie Mussie in Remembrance of the Pilgrims!
Cool autumnal weather brings out the best in the Mayflower David Austin Rose.

The Mayflower rose makes a delightful long lasting bouquet with an old fashioned rose fragrance.

A couple of weeks ago Emma spied the very last rose of the season. Along with some rose geranium leaves and some late lavender that she had gathered before, she decided to make a Mayflower Rose tussie mussie. Emma remembers all of my Pilgrim ancestors whilst she fashions the Mayflower tussie mussie!

Emma loves the fragrance of the old fashioned Mayflower Rose!

Emma is a doll inspired by the old Izannah Walker dolls.
September 25th, 2017 would have been Izannah Walker's 200th birhday.
Izannah Walker is a distant cousin of mine through my Gaskill family of early New England.
Also, Izannah Walker lived in New England and her Walker ancestors lived very near where my Walker ancestors came from.

The David Austin Mayflower Rose is named after the Mayflower, the ship that brought the Pilgrims to America in 1620.

I descend from Mayflower passengers Myles Standish, George Soule, Stephen Hopkins and his daughter Constance, Edward Fuller and his wife, Peter Brown, John Howland, John Tilley, his wife Joan (Hurst) Tilley and their daughter Elizabeth, Richard Warren and am researching Isaac Allerton, his wife Mary (Norris) Allerton and their daughter Mary, two different lines to Francis Cooke and another line to Stephen Hopkins with his wife Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins.

Little Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse for the dolls at Corgyncombe, is a descendant of the Brown mouse family who came on the Mayflower. Mayflower passenger Peter Brown's daughter Mary Brown Mouse married into the Tinkham mouse family.

Emma places her tussie mussie in a spot where all can enjoy its loveliness!
Such simple elegance!

Outside, the roses are now bundled up for winter and we all look forward to fragrant and lovely spring blooms!

Happy Thanksgiving
to our Dear Readers!

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