December 25, 2017

Santa's Sleigh and My Bouncing, Twirling, Whizzing, Flying Saucer!

Santa and His Reindeer!
A joyful visit with Santa Claus.
My brother and I were dressed in warm snowsuits.

My father made the Santa Claus, reindeer and sleigh to decorate our grounds at Christmas time. There was even a Red-Nosed Rudolph at the lead! The fence in the background is where our neighbors hung the flying saucer adorned with a big red bow that they gave us as a Christmas gift one year. How I have always loved the splendid landscapes; the hills and dales that surrounded me in this lovely ancestral countryside!

Me on my silver metal flying saucer!!!

One year on Christmas Eve I can remember going to town with my father to see Santa one more time to make sure that he was going to get everything straight. When I got back home there was a silver metal flying saucer on the picket fence with a big red bow that said "From Santa" and I remember standing there and saying "But that's not right!" I was very upset. I had asked Santa for a specific doll just a few minutes ago. Come to find out our neighbors had left the saucer but I didn't find that out until the next day when I received my specifically asked for doll for Christmas. I soon loved my silver metal flying saucer and how I would bounce, bump, twirl and whiz down the hills at breakneck speed with it and remember fondly the dear neighbors and the sight of the silver metal flying saucer on the fence with the red bow attached with the sparkly snow all around in the moonlight.

Tasha Tudor illustrated the 1975 version of "The Night Before Christmas". It is delightful! In Sarah's book Tasha wrote: "To Miss Sarah who wears fine boots! Love from Tasha Tudor".

Merry Christmas
to our Dear Readers!

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