October 25, 2017

Corgyncombe Farmers' Market!

Nanny Nettie-Kin Loads Her Wagon and Readies for the Market!
Nanny Nettie-Kin readies her wagon for the Corgyncombe Farmers' Market.

Nanny Nettie-Kin and her wagon have arrived for the Corgyncombe Farmers' Market.
Hitty Delight, the most recent Hitty to come to Corgyncombe, accompanies Nanny.
What a lovely autumnal glow and wonderful day for the Corgyncombe Farmers' Market!

Corgyncombe Acorn Squash

Corgyncombe Broccoli

Corgyncombe carrots being readied for canning.

Corgyncombe cabbage and beans.

Corgyncombe Pumpkins

Corgyncombe cabbage

Hitty Delight helps Nanny Nettie-Kin unload the wagon.

Nanny Nettie-Kin's display at the
Corgyncombe Farmers' Market.
A jug of Corgyncombe maple syrup is up atop the display.

Corgyncombe Potatoes and Tomatoes

Corgyncombe onions

A lovely Autumnal display on our way to ancestral lands in Vermont.

"My Summer in a Garden" by Charles Dudley Warner is interesting and humorous to read during the weeks of vegetable gardening season. A quote from the book: "There is life in the ground; it goes into the seeds; and it also, when it is stirred up, goes into the man who stirs it. The hot sun on his back as he bends to his shovel or hoe, or contemplatively rakes the warm and fragrant loam, is better than much medicine." On the book is a Corgyncombe potato blossom.

Lovely Hitty Delight carries the basket of buttons used by the dolls as currency.
I oft' times carry a basket instead of a purse myself.
Tasha Tudor had the children use buttons to buy goods for their dolls and animals and Sparrow Post to deliver mail. The currency for the dolls at Corgyncombe is buttons, as well!

Corgyncombe Vegetables

Corgyncombe canned carrots.

Corgyncombe Butt'ry

The large golden dollhouse,
Pumpkin House,
an old New England House.

Nanny Nettie-Kin and the Little Dolls of Pumpkin House
bringing the harvest in to the hall of their Old New England House.
Many hands make light work.

And Tillie Tinkham, the seamstress mouse for the dolls at Corgyncombe, comes and little paws help, too.

The squash are stored in the hall of Pumpkin House,
which also serves as Nanny Nettie-Kin's Herbary.
Hitty had rushed upstairs with her favorite Pumpkin and hid it under the bed to later make a "Pumpkin Moonshine". Tasha Tudor wrote and illustrated the book "Pumpkin Moonshine" about a little girl who found a special pumpkin to make a pumpkin moonshine.

I acquired the sandstone sink in Connecticut where my ancestors, the Stanclift family, dwelt. In the above photograph I have a colander full of washed carrots from the Corgyncombe Vegetable Garden.
Gravestone carving was a tradition in the Stanclift family. The stone of the gravestones and the Corgyncombe Butt'ry sink are the same reddish brown sandstone. The sink, which was from a very old house in the area the Stanclifts lived, could well have been made by one of the Stanclifts.
Our Stanclift family came from Yorkshire, England in the 1680s.

Nanny Nettie-Kin has had an abundance of squash at her Pumpkin House gardens and decides to make gourd soup.
Above, she is chopping the squash.

The dolls at Corgyncombe and I have many things in common including a love of yellowware, baskets, gardening, and many old fashioned favorite things and old ways.

 Nanny Nettie-Kin cooking her gourd soup on her old cast iron stove, which is called the "Ark".

Nanny Nettie-Kin puts the gourd soup through a sieve.

Nanny Nettie-Kin serves gourd soup.
She went out in her herb garden and found the smallest leaves of sage to put atop the soup.
All the Hittys at Pumpkin House find it to be most delicious!

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