November 1, 2016

Frost, Pumpkins, and Falling Leaves!

Sweet Pumpkin Moonshines!
Lydia Lindenwood found an acorn on a Corgyncombe outing in the woods.
The jack-o-lantern and black cat candy containers look as if they are laughing and jolly!

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"Wednesday, November 1st. - Decided frost last night; yet very mild this morning. Bright, cloudless day. Long walk on the hills. The woods are getting bare; even the willows and abele-trees are thinning. The larches are deep orange; their evergreen forms look oddly in this bright color."
~ "Rural Hours" by Susan Fenimore Cooper

There indeed was a "decided frost" at Corgyncombe last night and the morn dawned sunny with the brightest blue sky as time progressed!

"Thursday, November 2d. - Very pleasant. Delightful walk in the woods...
The earth thickly strewed with fallen leaves, completely covering the track, and in many places burying the lesser plants - a broad, unbroken carpeting of russet...
Acorns and chestnuts are plentifully scattered beneath the trees which bore them. How much fruit of this sort, the natural fruit of the earth - nuts and berries - is wasted every year; or, rather, how bountiful is the supply provided for the living creatures who need such food!"
~ "Rural Hours" by Susan Fenimore Cooper

Tasha Tudor called carved and lit pumpkins "pumpkin moonshines". Above is a sweet pumpkin moonshine that we carved and photographed several years ago. He reminds us of our lad Eliakim May Corgi when I was about to give him his tummy elixir and he decided not to take it! The pumpkin also reminds us of the moon! We prefer to carve sweet pumpkins!

Lovely Charlotte sitting on her stone wall holding her pumpkin.

Sarah looking for the best pumpkin in the patch.
Tasha Tudor was delighted by this photograph that I took of my daughter Sarah.

Sylvie Ann and Ethlyn Corgi from Corgyncombe celebrated the
70th anniversary of "Pumpkin Moonshine" in 2008.

Tasha Tudor's first published book was "Pumpkin Moonshine" in 1938. In Tasha's book, Sylvie Ann went out to the cornfield to find the largest, best pumpkin. In "Pumpkin Moonshine", Sylvie succeeds in getting her pumpkin out of the cornfield but the pumpkin has multiple mishaps as it rolls uncontrollably down the hill!

 Ethlyn Corgi is very curious, steps up and gives the pumpkin a nudge with her nose...

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